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Jeffrey Stephen Parker

VP, Hospitality Systems, Red Lion Hotels Corporation

For over thirty years Jeffrey Stephen Parker has been a leader in hotel and restaurant hospitality, with the last twenty-two focused on technology. Parker has extensive understanding of systems and infrastructure as it relates to delivering above expected customer service.

Parker has created and implemented the technology systems that facilitated the growth of a regional brand; managing both operational and capital budgets to balance the needs of the operations versus tax and capital implications. In addition, he has worked for one of the largest management companies in the world, leading a team that handled major technology projects for franchised and independent hotels.

Leveraging new technologies Parker has been able to reduce costs and improve customer services and loyalty, specifically working with disparate partners to develop or improve integrations with Property Management Systems, Central Reservations Systems, Sales & Catering and Global Distribution Systems.

Jeff is also involved in the hospitality education community through HTNG, HFTP and AH&LA, contributing through presenting in educational sessions and participating on committees and boards. 

When not working, Jeff is keeping up with his wife and two boys, tailgating or watching sports. In addition, he is an avid Home-Brewer and beer-snob.

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