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Jeremy Smith DMD

Global ERS Global leader of Deloitte Center for Cr, Deloitte

As the Chief Operations Officer for Global Enterprise Risk Services (ERS), Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited (DTTL), Jeremy supports the strategy and vision for the Deloitte global network’s risk advisory business. Previously, Jeremy served as Global Deputy Managing Director, advising member firms on the development and execution of transformational client, industry, and priority market plans for the risk advisory business. He also formerly led the Crisis Management offering globally, where he was responsible for strategy development and implementation.

Jeremy has nearly two decades of experience helping clients address a range of issues, including risk management strategy, internal control and governance compliance, and crisis management. His work crosses a broad range of industries, including finance, insurance, advertising, manufacturing, retail, transportation, and tourism.

Jeremy holds an MBA from Durham University (UK), an MS in risk, crisis & disaster management from Leicester University (UK), and a BS in computer sciences from Oxford Brookes University (UK). 

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