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Jock Percy

CEO, Perseus

Dr. Jock Percy is the founder and CEO of Perseus, one of the world’s leading managed services provider of high-speed global networks, colocation and trading technologies.  He launched the company in 2009. Since then, it has expanded rapidly across the financial, gaming, technology, media, and telecom industries. Prior to establishing the company, Dr Percy spent several years as an economist. He previously held positions at Sharp Corp., BT, Double Helix and Ace*Comm, and was Founder and CTO of FXecosystem. He was educated at University of Canterbury, NZ and University College, London and is a member of the Young President Organization New York Chapter. Dr. Percy is also an active philanthropist supporting the Oceanic Society and Play Rugby USA.

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Telecommunication and collaboration – A Challenging Landscape At Perseus, collaboration represents the interconnectedness of all our global network participants. This is something we have planned for and focused on over the past six years as a company, which has driven us to evolve from our initial, utility service offering into an intelligent network, like we...