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Joseph Santamaria


Joseph Santamaria is Vice President – Information Technology and Chief Information Officer for PSEG Services Corporation, as of October 2012. He is responsible for leading, directing, planning and managing all activities relating to the company’s information technology needs and for ensuring innovative, reliable, timely, cost-effective and secure delivery of information technology to all areas of PSEG.

Mr. Santamaria previously served as CIO at UIL Holdings Corporation, an electric and gas utility servicing New England. While at UIL, he successfully integrated IT activities of a major acquisition, integrated operational technologies with IT, established a best-in-class cyber security framework, and led the company to receive the 2011 SAP Best Run Utility Award for excellence in business transformation.

Prior to his role at UIL, Mr. Santamaria worked at Pitney Bowes in several capacities, including global vice president-enterprise business applications. Before then, he was a principal consultant at PricewaterhouseCoopers, managing commercial and delivery aspects of large, global business transformation projects.
With 15 years of experience in global Fortune 500 companies and an extensive technology background, Mr. Santamaria has successfully managed business process transformation, strategic planning, merger and acquisitions, and enterprise application development.

Mr. Santamaria holds a Master of Business Administration degree from ESADE, in Barcelona, Spain, and a Master of Science in Applied and Industrial Physics from the University of Barcelona, Spain.

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