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Kalyan Banga

Director Research and Analytics, VOZIQ

Kalyan is an accomplished market research professional with over 12 years of experience in the field of research framework design, customer intelligence, contact center analytics, customer journey and developing Go-To-Market (GTM) Business Strategies. He holds an MBA along with an Executive Degree in Business Analytics from the prestigious Indian Institute of Management Calcutta and has been widely quoted by leading trade and business publications such as Economic Times, CRN, 1IT Enterprise, Zintro, Tab Times, ITBizfocus, Voice & Data, Channel World etc.

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A loyal, paying customer is the best success any type of business can have. Everybody knows this fact. However, when we start getting into nitty-gritty of retaining best customers, it starts getting complicated. Customer retention is often driven by overall customer experience, which itself is shaped by several distinct experiences a customer has throughout the customer...