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Katie Myers

Director-Clinical Workflow Management, RiverMend Health

Katie Myers, LCSW began her career as a mental health clinician and has a passion for those seeking recovery from addiction. She was given the opportunity to use her therapeutic skills as the clinical subject matter expert (SME) for an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) implementation with a startup company.  As SME, Katie gained both a working knowledge of how to translate clinical knowledge into IT workflow while managing data and outcomes. Once the EMR was launched, she then became the Director of Clinical Workflow Management.
Katie's goal in working with an EMR is to make the process and workflow smooth and intuitive so that front-line workers are able to spend more time with their clients and less time completing documentation or in front of a computer. The importance of good documentation is key, but it should not be what takes up the majority of a clinician's time. She is always searching for new solutions for improved clinical workflow within the EMR.

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