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Kelvin Brooks

CISO, City of Atlanta

Kelvin Brooks is currently the City of Atlanta’s Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) for the Department of Atlanta Information Management (AIM). He is responsible for establishing and maintaining the enterprise information security vision, strategy and programs that ensure all city information and technology assets are efficiently and effectively protected.
Kelvin is an experienced security professional in the area of Information Security Governance; broadened from a technical focus on network security to include policy and standards development, and SOX compliance. In his 18 years, he has held positions in security IT research and development as well as network design and engineering, giving him a wide breadth of experience, business knowledge and relationships that facilitate the teamwork needed to advance information security initiatives. His most recent endeavor is to build a robust, comprehensive, effective and sustainable information security programs through accepted best practices, including ISO 27001, ITIL and CMMI Level 3 for the City of Atlanta.

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