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Konstantin Boudnik

Chief Technologist Bigdata Open Source Fellow, EPAM

With over 20 years of experience in software development, big- and fast-data analytics and distributed systems, Dr. Konstantin Boudnik has been awarded with sixteen U.S. patents in distributed computing and contributed to many open source projects in the field of distributed computing and data processing. Dr. Boudnik is one of the veteran developers of Apache Hadoop and co-author of Apache BigTop and Professional Hadoop and, as a member of the Apache Software Foundation, he has supported a number of successful Apache projects including Apache Ignite, Apache Groovy and Apache Zeppelin. Dr. Boudnik is a frequent speaker at international open-source development conferences and also serves on the advisory board for a number of Silicon Valley firms. During his career, he has held leadership positions at Sun Microsystems, Yahoo!, Karmasphere and WANdisco and has founded a number of technological startups. 

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