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Kurien Jacob

Principal, Highgate Ventures

Kurien spearheads Highgate’s technology investments and incubation projects. Kurien transitioned into his current role from Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) at Highgate. During his tenure as CRO, he built Highgate’s revenue management team and technologies. It is now a universally recognized industry leader.  He has over 18 years of experience in Revenue Management & Distribution, and is regularly called upon as a featured speaker at top industry events. In addition to his CRO duties he created RevUP, Highgate’s, proprietary revenue optimization platform (now commercialized as LodgIQ), and Travel Tripper, an innovator in CRS Distribution and website technology . KJ is actively involved in the ongoing research, development and the full scale commercialization of HG Portfolio companies.

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Prior to launching Highgate Ventures, I had been fortunate to lead Highgate’s revenue management initiative and distribution practices for the past 15 years, signing off finally as its Chief Revenue Officer. During my tenure there, we built a culture of Revenue Management First! Creating this culture was possible because of the firm’s foresight and belief in...