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Lee Eason

Executive Director, Technology, IHS Markit

As the Executive Director, Technology at IHS Markit, a leading global provider of financial services technology, data and analytics, Lee Eason is serious about high-performing teams.  Like many IT professionals, he started out writing software.  As Lee’s career progressed and his responsibilities grew, he learned that success in software development doesn’t come from taking away the team’s responsibilities around infrastructure, monitoring, and deployment.  Rather, giving the team control and accountability around those areas, and ensuring that they are simple and reliable, leads to consistent, repeatable software development and deployment.  Lee truly believes that great leaders are servants first, and as a leader at IHS Markit he serves his teams by enabling them to take those responsibilities, control their environment, and deliver on their commitments

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Let’s get one thing straight: Your software has performance problems. Whether that is at the top of your mind or not is probably driven by how often your customers report those problems. Regardless of whether you’re thinking about how to solve them or not, building a culture that enables and embraces Application Performance Monitoring (APM) as a normal part...