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Lionel Chocron

Vice President Industry and IoT Solutions, Oracle

In his role as Vice President of Industry & IoT Solutions at Oracle, Lionel Chocron shapes, delivers and scales Oracle’s Internet of Things (IoT) cloud solutions in targeted industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, energy and transportation. Solutions include Digital Field Service, Fleet Management, Location-Based Marketing & Monetization, etc.

As Vice President & General Manager at Cisco, Lionel co-launched, productized and scaled Cisco’s fast-growing Internet of Things (IoT) business – “Connecting the unconnected”.Previously, Lionel led Cisco’s Internal Consulting Group driving digital and business transformational efforts across Cisco.

Prior to joining Cisco, Lionel held senior consulting positions at Bain & Co and A.T. Kearney providing management consulting services to clients in the high tech, utility, financial services and consumer products industries. Lionel also held positions in the banking industry at BNP Paribas.

Lionel earned his BSEngineering from Ecole de Mines, France and his business and Engineering Masters degrees from UC Berkeley, California and McGill University, Canada.

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