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Lisa Konie

Senior Director of Legal Operations, Adobe

Lisa Konie is the Senior Director of Legal Operations at Adobe Systems Incorporated and brings over 20 years of experience working in the high-tech industry.  She is responsible for managing the Adobe Legal and Government Relations (LGR) departmental operations, which includes everything from strategic planning and outside counsel relationships, to the LGR interactive website, tool implementation, communications and knowledge management, LGR interns, training and overall cross-departmental issues.  Her focus is ensuring departmental effectiveness and efficiency while scaling the department to meet its business needs.  Additionally, Ms. Konie leads a team overseeing legal support for all of Adobe’s procurement activities.

Latest from Lisa Konie

Standardizing Legal Platforms What we have been seeing is a demand for a legal architecture or platform. Instead of isolated, siloed, applications, the legal industry is asking for, and slowly getting functional platforms that solve for more than one problem. For instance, you will have a solution that provides matter management, billing management, IP asset...