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Michael Kalman

CIO, Hartville Pet Insurance Group

Mike Kalman joined Hartville Pet Insurance in 2005 as Chief Information Officer and is responsible for leading the company’s technology strategy and managing overall IT operations.

 His initiatives include improving customer experience and service delivery through embracing effective and efficient use of technology; creating business models for delivering new services; promoting customer-facing online development opportunities to increase self-service capabilities; and leading strategic initiatives that support growth opportunities and Hartville’s mission.

Over his career, Mike has provided technology vision and direction to companies across a number of industries including Healthcare, Retail Supply Chain, Oil and Gas, and Economic Research. Prior to Hartville Mike was the CIO of MOCS, Inc., a leader in medical back-office automation.   

Mike holds a BS in Cognitive Engineering from the University of California at San Diego. He is an actively contributing member of the PCI Council and holds several technology certifications.

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