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Mujib Lodhi

CIO, Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC)

Mr. Lodhi has spent the majority of his career in executive leadership roles with a strong emphasis in technology and business. He is uniquely qualified as a transformational agent having converted non-existent or chaotic technology environments into fully functional IT organizations delivering real business value in four different enterprise environments.

He is active as a public speaker As a participant in Smart Cities Initiatives in both research and production environments and is published having co-authored a paper on advanced data analytics along with a distinguished group of IBM Research Scientists.  He has served as a member of Information Week’s Global CIO Think Tank and on the IBM Tivoli advisory board.  He has numerous awards, including 10 CIO 100 Awards, several GIS/ESRI Special Achievement awards and several awards as a Laureate in the Computerworld Honors Program. 

He is an active member of the CIO Executive Council, and serves regularly on the CIO Executive Summit Advisory Committee. 

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The Global Position System (GPS) originally conceived for tracking satellites during the cold war in the late 50’s has arguably become one of the most important technologies produced by any government throughout history.  It is such an integral part of so many industry sectors globally that there are many parallels in its ubiquity with our own water sector....