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CTO, Penguin Computing

Philip Pokorny is responsible for all aspects of the Penguin Computing hardware products. After joining the company in February, 2001 as an engineer, he has steadily taken on more responsibilities. He brings a wealth of both customer and engineering experience to the design, development and support of Penguin Computing products. Prior to Penguin Computing, he spent 14 years in various engineering and system administration roles with Cummins, Inc. and Cummins Electronics. At Cummins, Pokorny participated in the development of internal network standards, deployed and managed a multisite network of multiprotocol routers and supported a diverse mix of office and engineering workers with a variety of server and desktop operating systems. He has contributed code to Open Source projects, including the Linux kernel, lm_sensors and LCDproc. Philip graduated in 1987 from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology with BS degrees in Math and Electrical Engineering, and a second major in Computer Science.

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