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Raju Shah

VP of Information Services, Mouser Electronics

Raju Shah joined Mouser Electronics in 2010. As Mouser’s VP of Information Services, Shah has successfully positioned Mouser’s Information Technology for sustained international growth, all the while aligning the IT strategy to business strategy. During the last 13 years, he has guided Mouser though several technical- and business-aligned strategic changes including globalization of business systems, big data strategy for business analytics, warehouse/logistics management systems, global infrastructure, data center management, systems modernization, global support and IT security compliance. Most recently he introduced HRIS and Accounting General Ledger Cloud technologies, keeping development for strategic business systems in-house for Mouser, which employs more than 1,600 employees in 21 offices worldwide with nearly $1 billion in annual revenue. Shah, who holds a Master of Science in Math and Computer Science and a BS in Electronics Engineering, has more than 20-plus years of in-depth information technology experience that includes big data business analytics, portfolio management (PMO), software development, infrastructure, IT security and support.  

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