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Richard A Blackwell

President, Linked2Software

Founder & Chief Visionary at Linked2 Software - Cloud based Building Automation and Equipment Monitoring.

A Veteran US Navy Nuclear Propulsion Plant Supervisor and Graduate of Ga. Tech in Physics and Electrical Engineering. He has been in the AV and Software industry for 25+ years. He received the first US Patent awarded for Video Conferencing Integration in 1996 and the following year created for Saturn Car its first web based Automation Manager. In 2001 he created the first web based VTC Resource Manager (Global Scheduling Solutions) winning best in show at TeleCon that year and later selling at the peak of the Dot-Com market. Listed on INC-500 list in 2001, 2002, 2003 & 2004 consecutively. In 2003 as Managing Director of the not-for-profit SafeHome Richard created an early Social Media Application called NeighborLink® which provided low cost personal safety for Senior Citizens. In 2005 he started AVWorkz Software and began building the first Cloud Services for managing AV equipment, then later with Linked2 Software created the first firewall friendly AV Equipment Monitoring application – Linked2 Dashboard.

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