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Ryan King

CIO, Power Solutions International

Ryan is a passionate and progressive Information Technology executive with 20 years of experience in diverse, global  IT environments. Award winning IT leader and change agent, with a healthy contempt for the status quo and I have the high energy necessary to identify and successfully implement process & organizational improvements. Proven ability and history of accomplishments in designing and implementing aggressive strategic plans, creating productive business relationships, building highly successful teams and managing global and complex IT environments.

Working within the “IT field” within “Manufacturing/Business” environments and specializing in LEAN IT automation using Information Technology!

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Manufacturing “business to business” e-commerce websites are for most organizations mediocre or produce very little traffic and revenue. However, you will be surprised how most manufacturing companies have a healthy aftermarket business and pride themselves on their post sales and service! This is a very interesting story and there are many underlining...
It is like a horror movie we have all seen where for some strange reason they are dumb and they go to the basement or they check that closet. Or someone gets robbed at their home and the police are reviewing the crime scene and the homeowner had an alarm system and they never activated it because they say “I just thought it would never happen to me!” Or here...