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Sarah Cooper


Dr. Sarah Cooper is M2Mi’s Chief Operating Officer, responsible for engineering, business development and platform strategy. With 15 years designing IoT devices and platform technologies, she serves as vice chairwoman of the 12,000 member Internet of Things Community, is an active member of the Industrial Internet Consortium heading IIC’s Aviation Testbed with GE and Oracle, a member of OASIS MQTT TC and Security subcommittee and former member of NISTs SmartGrid Interoperability Panel. Sarah was a 2015 Silicon Valley Woman of Influence, a recognized Top 100 Wireless Technology Expert by Wireless World, one of Connected World’s Women of M2M, National Academy of Engineer’s Frontier of Engineering Awardee, multidisciplinary entrepreneur, inventor of an IoT medical battery that runs on body temperature and holder of a PhD in Physics from University of Sydney. Prior to M2Mi, Sarah founded and sold TE-Bio, an IoT device company, NaturalNano, a publicly traded advanced nanomaterials company and conducted fundamental research at NASA and DoE.


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