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Sorabh Saxena

CIO, Network & Shared Services, AT&T

Sorabh Saxena, CIO of Network and Shared Services, is a key leader in AT&T’s transformation to software defined products and services. His organization is building platforms and solutionsto power innovative delivery and increase business agility, resulting in an effortless and on-demand customer experience.

Sorabh oversees the development, delivery, and managementof AT&T’s network platforms, both current systems as well asnext generation software defined networking (SDN)platforms. Notable SDN platformsinclude Enhanced Control Orchestration Management (ECOMP) and the AT&T Integrated Cloud (AIC). ECOMP is built upon AT&T-led open source initiatives Open Network Automation Platform (ONAP) and AIC is built upon another open source initiative, OpenStack in which AT&T is a leading participant. These SDN platforms are enabling AT&T’s next generation products, like Network on Demand, that provide near real time changes for customers.

Additionally, his organization is responsible for Shared Services & platforms across all of Information Technology at AT&T. This includes enterprise Data, API, Workflow, and Field Services platforms.His team is currently leading one of the largest industry transformations converting monolithic applications to loosely coupled microServices with independent lifecycles to further deliver speed and agility to businesses.The Shared Services team is the center of excellence for technology transformations and plays a critical role in keeping AT&T consistently ahead of rapid advances in the industry and doing so at scale. 

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