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Steve Miller

President, Inquidia

Steve Miller is co-founder and President of Inquidia Consulting. He has more than three decades of knowledge and experience in big data analytics, data architecture, data strategy, data engineering, and data science. He has also designed and deployed best-practice business intelligence systems. Through Inquidia, Mr. Miller builds traditional data infrastructure and intelligence solutions that help clients get the most from their growing data assets. Prior to co-founding Inquidia, Mr. Miller served as the Vice President of Piocon Technologies, Executive Vice President of Braun Consulting, and Sr. Principal for Oracle Consulting. Mr. Miller once described himself as a “data geek”and continues to stay on the leading edge of statistical science, data analytics and intelligence. He shares news, trends, insights through various  publications and outlets, including the analytics and IT publication DATAVERSITY, Information Management, and Inquidia’s official website. Mr. Miller studied Quantitative Methods and Statistics at Johns Hopkins University, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and the University of Illinois.

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A joke's making the rounds in the analytics world. Question: What’s a data scientist? Answer: An intelligence practitioner from San Francisco. An even more cogent aphorism: A data scientist can program better than a statistician, and has more statistical chops than a programmer. There's little doubt that ours is now a data-driven world. Business...