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Ted Freeman

Vice President, ENSCO, Inc

Ted Freeman is the Vice President of Information Systems and Technology at ENSCO, Inc. As the VP of IST he formulates technology strategies and best practices in collaboration with ENSCO’s President. IST directs all areas of network, data, and electronic information infrastructure operating at multiple security levels across a geographically dispersed environment. His division is a unique blend of experienced IT professionals with years of industry experience that drives automation and capitalizes on lower infrastructure costs with higher capacity, efficiency, and throughput. Mr. Freeman’s industry knowledge spans government contracting, banking, start-ups, and niche markets. He has a passion for creating business value in IT.

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Building enterprise information architecture can be a daunting task. Over the years, business units and corporate groups prefer to hold on to siloed applications, spreadsheets, and custom applications, rather than take the time to design and implement true enterprise information architecture. Enterprise architecture (EA) is a term that’s expanded and contracted...