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Vittorio Cretella

CIO, Mars

Vittorio Cretella is the CIO of Mars, Incorporated. His primary mission is to drive business objectives and proactively seek out and deliver value opportunities with Information Technology strategy, solutions and services, as well as provoking strategic directions through internal/external perspective.

The global Mars IS organization provides IT solutions and services to more than 70,000 users, in more than 400 locations across 60 countries. Vittorio leads a global team of more than 1,200 Mars IS professionals, and manages strategic partnerships with key vendors.

Vittorio joined Mars in 1991 and during his tenure has held a variety of positions in all key disciplines of IS, including Business facing roles, business system development as well as technology. Beginning in 2000, Vittorio led the Mars global ERP program through the first three years of its global launch. In 2002, Vittorio was appointed CTO and drove a multi-year journey of standardization and consolidation, reducing cost while increasing service capabilities.  On top of his CTO role, Vittorio held the position of Wrigley CIO between 2009 and 2011 and was instrumental in the successful integration of the Wrigley IT organization with Mars IS that took place over that time.  Most recently, he completed a major technology transformation program including cloud-based communication and social collaboration services for 45,000 users, the move to a single externally managed service for WAN/LAN and telephony, the deployment of a mobility program inclusive of “Bring your own” capability, and a new video and audio tiered service inclusive of Telepresence.

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