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Tom Meehan, Chief Strategy Officer & Chief Information Security Officer
The COVID-19 pandemic has changed almost everything across the globe. Right from how customers make purchases to the way they are catered to by businesses such as retailers and banks, everything is now done differently. To address the changing needs, organizations had to face several challenges when the pandemic struck, and one of them was to figure out a way to obtain the cleanest and accurate information of their inventory in the quickest possible manner. At the same time, they also had to protect their assets without much human contact. While businesses have always needed to gather these insights, the pandemic has amplified it. One company that has been appropriately identifying and addressing these requirements through its RFID solutions is CONTROLTEK. Focused heavily on cash protection, electronic article surveillance, and RFID, CONTROLTEK brings an extensive portfolio of security solutions for banking, retail, aerospace, and other industries.

CONTROLTEK offers RFID solutions that allow retailers to obtain visibility into their stock and protect it. These solutions prove critical for retailers, who need to maintain stock levels and ensure in-store availability of products, which is all the more essential in the wake of the ongoing pandemic. However, the use of RFID solutions isn’t confined to the retail space. These solutions find extensive usage across banking, logistics, manufacturing, and several other sectors too. CONTROLTEK’s RFID solutions allow banking customers to make better business decisions about where money is when they need to access it and move it from one point to another. “We are laser focused on helping our customers protect their assets and get better insights into where their assets are in the supply chain or any of the manufacturing stages, or elsewhere,” explains Tom Meehan, chief strategy officer, and chief information security officer at CONTROLTEK.

These insights empower banking institutions to track their cash and, most importantly, protect it. Even in manufacturing setups, these solutions are of great significance as they can identify challenges that may hinder the production process. CONTROLTEK’s answers have also been beneficial in scenarios where customers face challenges such as tracking an item with high metal or liquid content as traditional RFID technology struggles in such an environment.

We spend a tremendous amount of time working with our customers to understand what the issue is and create a customized solution to address it

To help a client find a solution to this problem, CONTROLTEK created a scalable custom solution that worked well in the said environment.

Apart from its capable solution portfolio, the company demonstrates an exciting mix of people. It employs experts who have the engineering expertise and subject matter experts who have successfully deployed RFID solutions in the retail and banking sectors. It is the expertise of these professionals, along with the company’s advanced solutions, that help it stay ahead of its competitors.

In each of its client associations, the team at CONTROLTEK uses design thinking and has adopted a human-centric approach, working side by side with the customers. “We don’t assume that we understand our clients’ business more than they do. We spend a tremendous amount of time working with them to make sure we understand what the issue is and create a customized solution to address it,” adds Meehan. Not only that, the professionals at CONTROLTEK go on to identify the problems that even the clients don’t realize. With such a customer-centric approach, the company has garnered a vast client base across retail, banking, and aerospace industries.

CONTROLTEK consistently focuses on offering intelligent solutions and hence, works with their customers to obtain the most data out of its solutions. In the future, CONTROLTEK will be working toward deploying enterprise-wide RFID software that incorporates machine learning. “We are taking all the learning around business intelligence and machine learning, and applying it to RFID,” concludes Meehan.


Bridgewater, NJ

Tom Meehan, Chief Strategy Officer & Chief Information Security Officer

Offers security solutions for retail and banking institutions focused heavily on cash protection, electronic article surveillance, and RFID