CoreMedia: Drives Multi-Channel Contextual and Social Online Experience

Gerrit Kolb, CEO
CoreMedia is teaming with IBM to bring the brand and shopping experience together into a single cohesive experience. CoreMedia LiveContext for IBM WebSphere Commerce enables marketers and content managers using WebSphere Commerce to enhance the onliWeb Content Management Systems have evolved to support the creation of compelling mobile, social and contextual online experience for customers. Headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, CoreMedia’s flexible platform is particularly suited for companies with multi-site deployments and large,frequently updated, digital content repositories.

The platform provides a flexible repository to orchestrate content from external sources and dynamically reuse it across multiple channels and devices without manual copying. "We see CoreMedia as the hub for aggregating all the data and content that is required to create rich engaging online experience and our product acts as a customer experience management center for the seamless delivery of contextually relevant content to any device and across any application environment,”-Gerrit Kolb, CEO.

CoreMedia7, the company’s flagship product, offers WCM solutions for the post-PC world. The product’s information-oriented approach permits online marketing teams to reuse content and gain visibility without relying on IT, while technical teams garner greater deployment flexibility, cost effectiveness and operational control. CoreMedia’s platform is built on a flexible object-based architecture that provides simple and basic tools for casual users and a more sophisticated Customizable platform for advanced users. On the developmental level, it acts as both a flexible platform as well as a product. For advanced web projects and ongoing innovation, the rapid development platform called CoreMedia Blueprint contains a set of preconfigured tools, templates, and features that can be deployed immediately, allowing customers to launch their websites in the shortest possible timeframe.

Companies in the Media & Entertainment industry are facing unprecedented challenges including:growing online revenues,while reducing costs and consolidating operations,as well as engaging audiences across multiple digital channels.
CoreMedia responds to these challenges by helping media companies deliver personalized, highly scalable and deeply social content to any online touchpoint–and all from a single, flexible publishing hub.

CoreMedia’s Elastic Social enables companies to connect with their audience much more interactively leading to increased customer loyalty and engagement.Based on proven NoSQL technology, CoreMedia’s Elastic Social architecture can support contributions from millions of visitors while maintaining optimal performance metrics.One of the reasons why CoreMedia is so well positioned to serve the needs of Media and Entertainment is due to that fact that their technology has been powering the online properties of some of the world’s biggest media and telco portals for over 15 years. For instance, in 2007, when The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), Australia’s primary public broadcaster, decided to significantly upgrade the web capability to improve the ease and speed of publishing, they chose CoreMedia.

CoreMedia’s platform, which is optimized to support high-intensity editorial environments like that of ABC Online, reduced the time required to publish new content online to less than 30 seconds.

More than half of online companies cite heightened customer expectations as their number one challenge in building an effective online sales channel. ne shopping experience with visually engaging, contextually relevant, socially connected content. The seamless blending of brand, content, community and e-Commerce results in increased visitor traffic and engagement, greater brand awareness, improved SEO, higher sales and improved customer loyalty.

Future versions of CoreMedia will focus on support for collaborative editorial workflows, advanced support for global deployments, and support for an advanced distributed architecture that will make CoreMedia even more scalable and facilitate cloud-based deployments.


Hamburg, Germany

Gerrit Kolb, CEO

Provides Web Content Management software to enhance customer online experience.

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