Corevist: Ushering in a New Era of B2B E-commerce

Sam Bayer, CEO
Technological innovations have transformed consumer behavior over the last few years. Given the convenience and popularity of B2C e-commerce platforms, it comes as no surprise that even professional buyers have started expecting an “Amazon-like” buying experience. Committed to transforming the B2B e-commerce landscape, North Carolina-based Corevist has emerged as a leader in providing B2B companies with cutting-edge online commerce portals through its end-to-end B2B solution, Corevist Commerce.

Sam Bayer, CEO of Corevist, says, “Manufacturers today demand world-class e-commerce capabilities without expending millions of dollars on lengthy and complex projects involving many suppliers. It’s easiest for them if they have one throat to choke. That’s our role.” Corevist’s solutions are designed to meet these demands. Capitalizing on domain knowledge expertise and agile methodology, Corevist offers real-time SAP-integrated e-commerce solutions for B2B companies to simplify data flow, improve business management practices, and enhance customer experience.

B2B e-commerce is vastly different from its B2C counterpart: since B2B prices are contract based, the e-commerce portal has to present the right price for the right customer—and that data lives in SAP. In addition, the portal should also have the capacity to update new orders and shipment data from SAP and display it in real time. Corevist achieves all of this by leveraging its clients’ SAP investments, integrating all the information within SAP—product availability, price, freight details, and more—to build a best-of-breed front end website that accesses SAP data in real time. The result is Corevist Commerce—a total, end-to-end B2B e-commerce solution that is fully integrated with SAP.

Driven to rethink B2B e-commerce, Corevist also offers real-time SAP connectors for other solutions, like or Magento, extending the utility of the client’s existing ERP system. That means all the core business data is stored in its original location—inside SAP—but is available in real time, in whatever application requires that data.

Bayer also notes that customers often need to reprint invoices or packing lists, and for most manufacturers, these kinds of routine requests are difficult to fulfill with limited customer support resources.

Domain expertise and ground-breaking technology implementation have been the greatest drivers behind Corevist’s significant growth over the last 10 years

Corevist’s eTrack mitigates these concerns by offering real-time, cloud-based SAP integration that enables clients to provide a 24/7 customer self-service order tracking portal for their distributors, dealers, and customers. Corevist’s other modules, eCart and ePay, empower manufacturers to offer an online shopping experience by allowing users to buy using their credit cards.

Corevist’s leadership is further substantiated through its numerous success stories. One of Corevist’s clients, a large flooring manufacturing company, employed a distribution strategy that meant operating in a location with few selected regional distributors. The interaction between the distributor and the manufacturer was only limited to a small number of fairly large orders on a regular basis, after which the distributor would carry out the warehousing, selling, and marketing operations for that region. This approach went well until one of their distribution channels ceased to operate. The manufacturer suddenly had to deal with thousands of customers themselves, a task that their understaffed customer support team wasn’t prepared to handle. Employing Corevist, the company built a B2B e-commerce website, which helped them efficiently tackle order requests and customer communications without needing to hire additional customer support personnel.

Domain expertise and ground-breaking technology implementation have been the greatest drivers behind Corevist’s significant growth over the last 10 years. Presently, catering to some of the biggest global manufacturers in Europe, North America, South America, and the Asia Pacific, Corevist is confident that their B2B e-commerce disruption will be a major game-changer in the e-commerce marketplace.


Raleigh, NC

Sam Bayer, CEO

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