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Larry Steelman, Vice President
In today’s world, technology is playing a pivotal role in driving business success. Hotels, stadiums, arenas, and convention centers are increasingly focusing on creating an environment where technology delivers a “wow” experience. In the wake of an estimated 22 billion devices that will connect to the internet by 2025, companies recognize that investment in infrastructure is critical to support tomorrow’s demands. In addition to the investment in infrastructure, companies today more than ever, realize that working with a best-in-class integrator is crucial. Enter Cox Business/Hospitality Network (CB/HN), a technology company that specializes in integrating sophisticated technologies for clients in the hospitality and large venue management areas, delivering world-class experiences to their guests and visitors. The company provides the expertise required to support multiple platforms and the software essential to meet the needs for a seamless experience to hotel guests or venue visitors. With over 30 years of experience and backed by its parent company, Cox Communications—the nation’s third-largest cable provider in the US—HN has many clients across the US.

Larry Steelman, Vice President of Cox Business, New Business Ventures, notes that the growing expectation for a delightful technology experience is posing a stiff challenge to the large venue industry. As a result, CIOs in this arena are under pressure to map out a comprehensive technology-driven strategy and formulate new plans to drive revenue and process efficiency. In tune with the evolving customer requirements, HN has taken the role of a technology consultant in shaping and executing its client’s technology vision in the right way. It works as an extension of its clients’ staff and a trusted technology partner to help them meet market demands. “Each hotel or venue that we work with is in different stages of their technology transition, and we create distinct and customizable solutions for each client to that end. This unique consultative approach results in better outcomes for each client,” says Steelman. Some examples would be the newly available facilities in Las Vegas Ballpark and Caesar’s Palace.
Delivering a frictionless technology journey is at the heart of the company’s belief, which reflects in their client’s guests or fan surveys.

HN is delivering unmatchable services, exceeding clients’ expectations. Through its services, it provides advanced In-room-entertainment (IRE), voice and video solutions including in-room interactive services, managed WiFi services, high-definition (HD) free-to-guest television, video-on-demand (VOD). The company also concentrates on digital signage and location-based services in large venues. In an instance, HN was awarded a contract to provide complete technology services for all events in the Las Vegas Convention Center, home of CES, in 2013. For an enhanced guest experience, HN installed over 2,100 Wi-Fi access points to a newly-designed Wi-Fi canopy. Moreover, a redundant 10 GigaFiber ring was also set to ensure high bandwidth capacity. And at the end of 2018, two- 40ft. LED screens were installed in the grand lobby of the convention center, which was an excellent way for the trade show producers to engage with attendees. Steelman says, “HN’s expertise and technology have enabled the Las Vegas Convention Center’s continued success.”

Each hotel or venue that we work with is in different stages of their technology transition, and we create distinct and customizable solutions for each client to that end

HN is proud to be the premier technology provider in Las Vegas, which has added major league sport teams in recent years, including The Vegas Golden Knights and The Las Vegas Aviators. HN has been in partnership with these major teams and their venues to deliver technology needs, and it foresees this trend continuing in the coming years.

Cox BusinessHospitality Network

Las Vegas, US

Larry Steelman, Vice President

Founded in 1982, Hospitality Network (HN) is an affiliate of Cox Business. The company assists its customers in the hospitality and large venue industry to offer guest modern technology experiences. The organization has expertise in providing services comprising managed WiFi, free-to-guest TV, high capacity bandwidth, in-room entertainment (IRE), VOD, digital signage and location-based services. The company has capabilities which include onsite technology support, in-room entertainment, app development, hotel and large venue connectivity, managed WiFi, location-based services, and digital signage. The headquarters of the company is in Las Vegas, Nevada

Cox BusinessHospitality Network