CyberInt: Real-Time Online Protection

CyberInt: Real-Time Online ProtectionAmir Ofek, CEO
Being online is now essential for almost any company, be it a retailer, gaming company, or a financial institution. While being online allows companies to perk up their offerings and value proposition, they are often exposed to a battery of spurious agents that aim to target the business systems. Phishing scams, ransom ware attacks, and hijacked sub domains are just the tip of the iceberg—the kind of cyber threats that modern businesses are exposed to is astonishing. Amir Ofek, CEO of CyberInt shares a recent instance wherein an e-commerce fashion retailer was in a precarious situation. While the financial losses soared, the risk of voucher fraud was spiraling out of control. When Ofek’s CyberInt entered the scene, the company was quick to provide real-time monitoring capability to the retailer. The client leveraged CyberInt’s capabilities and subsequently restricted malicious activities, and created a secure online purchasing environment for its customers. Eventually, the client not only won back their customer’s trust but also started experiencing steady growth in its top line.

The key attribute of CyberInt’s client success stories is their unique engagement approach. The company assesses its client’s IT environment from a hacker’s perspective to perceive targeted threats and zero in on vulnerabilities. CyberInt’s integrated platform is built on the same methodology. One of its modules—Argos™ Threat Intelligence—leverages information from the dark web, social media, Internet Relay Chat (IRC), online forums, and other sources. The module contextualizes data to detect vulnerabilities, security threats, and discerns malicious activities in the client’s digital environment in real-time. After analyzing data, it provides actionable mitigation recommendations with contextual data and highlights threat actors targeting the business in real time.

CyberInt recognizes how the online world has evolved over the years and to this end it provides Argos™ Online Asset Protection which allows businesses to detect compromised online assets and respond in real time. Using this module, businesses can scan online assets, which include social media networks, web properties, blogs, DNS records, and IP Blacklists from one central location, for user behavior. The clients can mimic user behavior using browser sandboxing capabilities to prevent malicious activities such as website defacements.

We are working to correlate data with incidents for sophisticated security analytics in the days ahead

As businesses know the behavior of online visitors, they can take mitigation action in real time and protect their brand, employees, customers, and online visitors.

In today’s age where cyber threats are evolving rapidly, CyberInt understands the significance of proactively measuring and monitoring cyber readiness, and thus provides CybeReadiness Suite. The solution has been built on 100 percent proprietary code to ensure foolproof security. It provides predefined templates as well as allows users to build their own complex attack scenarios such as Advanced Persistent Threat (APT), Stealth APT, spear phishing, espionage, DDoS, data theft, and account takeover. The user-friendliness of the solution is manifested through built-in training and education tools.

CyberInt Argos™ platform and managed detection and response services can be integrated with a client’s existing solutions and processes. It has already taken cues from the customer feedback that was received from its existing clientele. The team of 100 plus experienced professionals, sets the company apart from its compeers. Investors and users have already shown faith in CyberInt’s solutions and services and this is evident from the recent Series B funding of $18 million. Realizing that customers require more than a robust security platform today, CyberInt is focused on automating tedious processes such as data collection.

CyberInt aims to deliver out-of-the-box integration for information coming from the cyber network. “Reporting a growth rate of 100 percent year after year, we are looking forward to extending our footprint in the U.S., UK, and Asia,” concludes Ofek. “We are working to correlate data with incidents for sophisticated security analytics in the days ahead.”


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Amir Ofek, CEO

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