DataON: The Leading Microsoft Windows Server Software-Defined Solution Provider

William Huang, Founder & President
The Microsoft product suite has undoubtedly revolutionized businesses the world over in the past few decades, and its effective utilization has propelled the visibility of numerous enterprises. In a candid conversation, William Huang, Founder & President, DataON explains how the amalgamation of Microsoft's cutting-edge products with a robust hardware platform, resulting in a software-defined data center solution, can be instrumental in steering enterprises towards milestones. "DataON has established its footprint globally for its ability to deliver a complete turnkey solution by utilizing Windows Server hyper-converged infrastructure to help clients accomplish their goals," begins Huang, about his firm's unique proposition that differentiates it from several industry peers.

Since its inception in 1987, DataON has garnered the reputation of being a leading technology solution provider and has delivered holistic enterprise solutions to clients worldwide. The California-based firm is an expert in the deployment of Microsoft applications, data protection, hybrid cloud services and a platform for Microsoft software-defined data center. Additionally, the organization is an Intel Platinum Partner and imparts assistance in the implementation of customized, enterprise-specific solutions. One of the prime reasons for DataON's astounding success is Huang's vision of building an organization that's a market leader in technology deployment and his ability to foresee emerging technology trends and devising innovative methods to integrate them with an enterprise's existing infrastructure effectively.

Huang mentions that the utilization of the Microsoft Windows Server technology has helped the organization in this outstanding transition from being a software-defined storage provider to an expert at the software-defined data center and hyper-converged infrastructure currently. Thus, the firm's comprehensive understanding of the Microsoft product suite has helped DataON engineer cost-effective solutions accurately aligned with its client's needs.

The industry veteran adds that the Microsoft virtualization solution has been highly effective in managing the recent data deluge across enterprises worldwide.
For instance, Microsoft's RDMA offloading ability has been instrumental in decongestion of network traffic on CPUs.

Since its inception, DataON has been a leading Microsoft solution provider known for delivered holistic enterprise solutions to clients worldwide

To paint a clearer picture of DataON's capabilities, Huang describes the firm's experience of deploying a solution for Cherokee County School District, situated in Atlanta, Georgia, an esteemed client which was in pursuit of an ideal Microsoft solution provider. DataON implemented their S2D-5212i powered by the Windows Server 2016 Storage Spaces Direct solution, which amplified the school district's capabilities immensely, setting an outstanding example for many existing Microsoft vendors.

Although the milestones accomplished in the past three decades speak volumes about the great strides DataON has made, the firm's growth has consistently been 30 percent in the past three years, a rarity in the current climate. The firm's impressive clientele comprises a massive 650 enterprises who have sought DataON's assistance for the implementation of Windows Server-based technology solutions. The firm's latest noteworthy accomplishment which differentiates it from a string of industry peers is the successful deployment of over 120 petabytes of storage capacity currently supporting Storage Spaces Direct hyper-converged infrastructure. The organization has amassed tremendous visibility across the United States and Europe in the recent past and has gained the reputation of a 'go-to' Microsoft solution vendor in the regions. "DataON is striving to leverage the benefits of cloud infrastructure models such as the Microsoft Azure to deliver highly holistic, fully integrated on-premise enterprise solutions. Since a large number of enterprises intend to embrace cloud models, team DataON is putting its best foot forward to bridge the gap and help them accomplish their organizational goals," concludes Huang.


Anaheim, CA

William Huang, Founder & President and Howard Lo, VP, Sales & Marketing

DataON is a leading Microsoft solution provider known for deploying customized software-defined enterprise solutions