Datometry: Simplifying Adoption of Cloud Data Warehouses

Mike Waas, CEO & Founder
In the race to business excellence and competitive advantage, enterprises are scrambling to adopt cloud databases and data warehouses on a large scale to reduce operating expenses and improve their ROI. However, adopting cloud data management technology presents some unique challenges. As per Mike Waas, CEO and Founder of Datometry, the challenge is not moving the database content but rather the application stack that runs on the data warehouses. Re-platforming application workloads are typically multi-year projects that can cost in the millions of dollars. This is where Datometry comes in with their first-of-its-kind Adaptive Data Virtualization technology that virtualizes the data warehouse and enables enterprises to adopt cloud-native data management solutions in weeks, not years.

Datometry is fundamentally changing the economics of the data management market with a vision to help customers select the cloud data warehouse platform based on the capabilities and economics they need. “With Datometry’s hypervisor-like virtualization technology—Hyper-Q—we are tackling the toughest re-platforming problems,” says Waas. “We liberate customers, especially as they move to the cloud, and let them choose the right data warehouse for the job, eliminating the need for costly application and data warehouse migration.”

Datometry Hyper-Q provides a translation platform between the application and the underlying data warehouse and intercepts all communication in real time with no measurable overhead. In addition to translating statements and results, Hyper-Q also reformulates statements that use features in the original data warehouse not available in the cloud data warehouse. In a nutshell, Hyper-Q enriches the cloud data warehouse and closes the feature gap between the applications and the data warehouse. When data is migrated to different databases, Datometry seamlessly redirects and translates calls from the application to the new database—in the cloud or on premises—without the manual rewriting of applications or performance overhead.

Prior to the re-platforming initiative, Datometry Query Intelligence software is used to provide a fast, automated, and detailed analysis of existing application workloads and feature gaps in the new data warehouse.
This analysis gives an enterprise an assessment of the selected cloud data warehouse’s compatibility for their workloads and helps estimate the effort involved in re-platforming the data warehouse. The entire data warehouse migration and implementation process can be completed in weeks using Datometry technology.

In one particular Proof of Concept, a Global Fortune 100 retailer faced the challenge to move their custom business intelligence application with over 35 million queries executed per week to a cloud data warehouse. The retailer assessed that a re-platforming of the application would take over five years and cost in the tens of millions of dollars. Datometry was able to demonstrate it could run the 35 million queries flawlessly on the new data warehouse within six weeks.

We liberate customers as they move to the cloud, and let them choose the right data warehouse for the job

With successful engagements in the U.S., Datometry is looking to expand its footprint in Europe and Asia next. The company is continuing to enrich their data virtualization technology with additional functionality. “We believe that enterprises should be free to use their applications on the data warehouse that best suits their business needs, and we will continue to work to deliver that capability,” concludes Waas. Datometry banks on its unique differentiator, where they are not just another incremental tooling solution, but are on a mission to becoming the universal data management platform that can connect applications with relevant data sources.The company seeks to emerge as a standard for interoperability in the data space: enabling rapid adoption of data management technology with the enterprise maintaining total control of its most valuable asset: data.


San Francisco, CA

Mike Waas, CEO & Founder

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