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Christopher Holmes, President & CEO As businesses evolve, their need for development, testing, implementation, operation, and application scaling agility increases. Microservices and service mesh platforms are distinctive enterprise architecture (EA) approaches gaining popularity throughout the IT industry. While the former breaks down applications into smaller service units that are easier to build, deploy and replace, the latter facilitates flexible, fast, and reliable communication between these services. Such EA provides enhanced modularity enabling organizations to update and manage each service of an application independently, without compromising the application’s integrity. This translates to seamless business continuity, faster growth, increased efficiency, higher profit margin, larger market share, lower ongoing business expenses, and better customer service.

However, despite the proliferation of microservice architecture (MSA), broad understanding remains elusive. While often a topic of center stage discussion at several technology conferences, many organizations understand little of MSA and how it can drive down capital expenditure (CapEx) and operating expense (OpEx) while increasing speed to market and return on investment (ROI). Additional challenges surface for those already working with MSA systems. MSA is decentralized by nature and can be immensely challenging to design, develop, and control. These systems can also introduce deployment and operational management complexity as well as hidden costs and unforeseen difficulties.

To liberate enterprises from these obstacles and help them realize the real value of MSA, a Virginia-based industrial AI software platform developer, Decipher Technology Studios, has developed Grey Matter, the intelligent service mesh platform for enterprise microservice and hybrid cloud management.

As the central nervous system of an enterprise network’s AI, Grey Matter delivers reliable mesh performance, resource management, security, and cost-efficiency. Grey Matter simplifies microservices development and decentralized network management for enterprises, allowing developers and IT managers to focus on business optimization. Grey Matter is designed to manage enterprise cognitive infrastructure. The software is comprised of three elements: Fabric, Data, and Sense, each working in tandem to optimize network performance. Fabric is the control plane and data plane managing an enterprise’s distributed service mesh. The Data element facilitates delivery of information from enterprise-to-edge, securely moving it across global markets and regions. Sense is the AI Foundation employing service mesh communications data and machine learning to enable cohesive mesh to network infrastructure automation.

Grey Matter: Building MSA from Where You Are

“Microservice development doesn’t have to start from zero,” reckons Christopher Holmes, the president, and CEO of Decipher Technology Studios.

We help visualize what your service mesh looks like and what it is actually doing, and then we show you the trends over time

Grey Matter helps organizations start the modernization process from where they are by abstracting their existing core software components into microservices. At the outset, Decipher introduces its service mesh network of Envoy-based proxies to manage and operate the microservice fleet. This collection of proxies is what comprises the service mesh.

Decipher built Grey Matter to help manage, design, and control enterprise network operations center responsibility sprawl in a principally ephemeral state of virtualized hybrid cloud infrastructure. It is no longer feasible for humans to efficiently manage a network ops center charged with the management of thousands of virtual machines, containers, and microservices spread across multiple environments. For instance, it is a practical impossibility to expect a human to know every facet of information passing through a network. However, there are situations where the user must maintain continuous online awareness of critical cloud infrastructure, and more importantly, the data being managed and passed from service to service. Such situations include heavy-traffic hours for businesses, time-sensitive stock purchase-orders, healthcare related emergencies, and more. Grey Matter enables monitoring and governance of microservices alongside rectification of microservice processes that are not operating in near real time. Moreover, by being platform- and provider-agnostic, Grey Matter can efficiently operate in commercial/hybrid cloud environments such as; Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Compute Engine, IBM Cloud, Microsoft Azure, or on-premise hardware. Grey Matter also supports running within a Platform as a Service (PaaS) such as; DC/OS Mesosphere, OpenShift, and bare Kubernetes for added support and flexibility wherever and whenever it’s needed.

Grey Matter provides a microservice framework for scalable, enterprise-ready applications, secure and trusted storage access APIs, as well as service mesh business analytics and visualizations. The platform also comes equipped with a dynamically toolable security framework capable of meeting the security policy and legislative requirements of any industry. The security framework oversees the vital activities of user-authentication and access control, service discovery, data policy management, and governance as it moves throughout a hybrid cloud mesh and API registry while allowing service mesh developers and analysts to focus on enhancing business capabilities.

Grey Matter offers a myriad of benefits. It lowers CapEx and OpEx, helping enterprises avoid resources that are expensive to license, operate, and administer at nanoscale. The platform enhances enterprise scalability and portability, empowering an enterprise to learn, adapt, and act on any infrastructure promptly. Grey Matter ensures optimal resource usage with advanced telemetry, service level agreement (SLA) management, and AI. Moreover, the software increases developer speed and operations control, providing digital insights for business executives. “We align your business objectives and increase your business ROI while maintaining a low total cost of ownership (TCO),” states Holmes. “In some cases, we have been able to reduce MSA costs by 30 percent for our customers.”

Next-Level MSA Visualization Capability

As previously noted, instead of just managing the racks of servers of years past, enterprises deploying microservices must also typically maintain thousands of containers - an exceedingly difficult task. When enterprises run containers in their environment, they may spin up and down or come online and go offline without providing any insight as to why. Much of this data is often not tracked. However, Grey Matter seeks to address this gap.

“Providing a full visualization layer on top of the service mesh, we help visualize what your service mesh looks like and what it is actually doing, and then we show you the trends over time,” describes Holmes. Grey Matter tracks, manages, monitors, and analyzes all that information, capturing all the telemetry and associated data to present them, utilizing the platform’s visualization capability with real-time snapshot views.
The platform captures well over 150 metrics to include requests per second, notes how many errors are coming in per second and also tracks endpoints used per service. With Grey Matter, firms can instantly see the services that are working and those that are not, and immediately know when to drill in and troubleshoot. Ultimately, Grey Matter provides enterprises with operational insight through intent-based automation and reporting which facilitates maximum network reliability, performance, and resource control.

Grey Matter also captures the data passed from one endpoint to another. “We have the ability to capture and store information that is crucial from a cybersecurity perspective and in cases where data sharing may be under legal constraint,” explains Holmes. Also, Grey Matter encrypts network data between services, and end-user authorization is access controlled. Decipher’s platform enables enterprises to operate with the conviction that when they are moving information from one microservice to another, it remains uncompromised on the wire.

Passion for Client Satisfaction

Passionate about helping brilliant innovations enter the markets that most need them, Decipher has fully embraced its commitment to a cost-effective, highly performant, and trustworthy cloud. The principles of integrity, ambition, imagination, brilliance, energy, and courtesy inspire the company’s work. These drive a workforce that shares the vision for delivering the highest-quality software to clients. Actualizing this vision, Decipher utilizes a 10-set maturity model for interacting and learning about their clients’ current environments and then rates their familiarity with service mesh to fulfill their requirements accordingly. For instance, if a client is not on the cloud and uses old mainframe backend systems, Decipher labels them Level 1 and provides a detailed understanding of EA with the required implementation. A client already using a service mesh is considered more mature and Decipher helps them manage, maintain, and operate more than one service mesh environment.

"We are committed to creating a solid, secure backbone for the microservices to ride on top of"

Holmes mentioned a particular client who wanted to move their systems to the cloud without having to use that cloud forever. Their monolithic, undiversified enterprise had big systems that performed around a thousand functions. “We studied how Netflix and Twitter had broken themselves up into microservices, and we used those models to break these huge monolithic services into microservices,” describes Holmes. Decipher abstracted key components from the monolithic systems, turned them into reusable microservices, and created a mesh architecture. The service mesh can track, govern, observe, and secure all of the East-West traffic between microservices; as well as govern any ingress or egress traffic from the service mesh. Decipher assisted the client’s migration, from monolith to microservices and then from microservices to the cloud. “Some of our customers are now running more than 200 microservices in their IT service mesh,” says Holmes. “They are also writing new applications about 70 percent faster because they can reuse all of the separate microservices to build what they need when they need it.”

Taking Microservices Enterprise Architecture Ahead

Having bootstrapped themselves from the ground up, today, Decipher is a Silver Member of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). The company recently announced the release of Grey Matter 1.0, realizing its intense focus on delivering the market’s only service mesh platform with business intelligence and value at its core. Disrupting the field of EA with Grey Matter, the company has successfully partnered with firms such as Expert System USA, a leading provider of semantic technology, and Red Hat, a leading provider of open source software, and more partnerships are in the works. Aspiring to take enterprise MSA ahead, Decipher is building an intelligent service mesh wherein AI will control the service mesh and the microservice environment from the edge back into the network. Geographically, Decipher is considering opening offices in the UK as well as additional U.S. offices on the east and west coasts. Their roadmap also includes an embedded broker system that gets the data to customers where they need it the most—the edge—in a fast and secure way, complete with service mesh security, data access policy, and compliance management. “We are committed to creating a solid, secure backbone for the microservices to ride on top of from hub to edge” concludes Holmes.

Decipher Technology Studios News

Decipher Technology Studios Announces 1.0 Release of Grey Matter, the Intelligent Service Mesh for the Enterprise

ALEXANDRIA, VA: The Grey Matter 1.0 intelligent service mesh platform is designed to simplify the complexities of enterprise microservice architecture adoption. The platform eases microservices development and management for the enterprise, freeing developers and IT Managers to focus on business optimization. With support for enhanced extensions to Envoy, Grey Matter 1.0 introduces business intelligence atop an enterprise’s services mesh, Kubernetes, and container management platforms.

Grey Matter 1.0 provides an intuitive overview of every microservice operating on the enterprise service mesh. Executive level decision-makers gain valuable insight into the operations most critical to their business. Grey Matter proxies, based on the industry leading open-source Istio proxy, capture and leverage the massive volumes of performance metrics generated by the service mesh for fleet-wide policy management and enforcement. For Grey Matter, this data also enables service level management unlike any other service mesh on the market today.

Dynamically configurable overlays provide warning of pending and current policy violations allowing fast corrective action. Decision-makers can rank the relevance of their most critical services for at-a-glance business impact tracking. Grey Matter 1.0 also enables DevOps network overwatch via memory, CPU, availability, error rate, latency, and utilization metrics tracked at both service- and route- levels.

Grey Matter is one of the most complete packaged service mesh platforms on the market today with support for full ingress and egress traffic flow, an Edge gateway enabling your service mesh to control, secure and manage access externally through the edge. In conjunction with both underlying platforms and the cloud Grey Matter also supports vertical and horizontal up- and down- scaling to ensure enterprise services remain optimally supported in the most cost-efficient manner possible. Network data is encrypted between services, and access controlled through end-user authorization. In-depth logs also capture every action on the network for maximum historical oversight. Finally, the platform supports intelligent load-balancing, routing, HTTP/2 and GRPC support, automated bootstrapped configuration, zero-trust architecture, canary testing, health checking and resiliency for maximum network survivability.

Decipher Technology Studios Announces Red Hat ISV Business Partnership

ALEXANDRIA, VA: Decipher Technology Studios, the leader in cognitive service mesh operations and management for the enterprise, announced its Business Independent Software Vendor (ISV) partnership with Red Hat, the world’s leading provider of enterprise open source solutions. This partnership will bring Decipher’s industry leading Grey Matter intelligent service mesh platform to the Red Hat marketplace, opening a number of technology-sharing and business opportunities for both organizations. In addition to technology and knowledge sharing, the Decipher/Red Hat partnership also promises cross-promotions and sales opportunities throughout their respective industry partnerships and clientele.

With support for Istio and enhanced extensions to Envoy, Decipher’s Grey Matter introduces Business Intelligence atop an enterprise’s services mesh, Kubernetes, and container management platforms such as Red Hat’s OpenShift. Enterprises can establish a service mesh for their environments managed through a single command and control dashboard that consistently measures service level objectives aligned to meet business goals.

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