Dell Boomi: Redefining Enterprise Integrations in Cloud

Chris McNabb, CEO
“Companies are rapidly moving to the cloud in order to gain promised cost and agility ben¬efits,” informs Chris McNabb, CEO, Dell Boomi. McNabb believes that the success of this transition depends on companies’ ability to quickly and cost-effectively in¬tegrate their cloud applications with each other and their legacy on-premises ap¬plications. “In the past, businesses used large-scale middleware to integrate appli¬cations across their enterprise. However, this was complex, hard to maintain, and expensive, requiring highly skilled pro¬grammers and months or years to com¬plete,” adds McNabb. Bringing a new approach to the integration of data in the cloud, Dell Boomi enables clients to fully exploit the value of cloud, providing a so¬lution that is fast, easy to implement, and simple to navigate. “Our mission from day one has been to revolutionize data integration and make it accessible and af-fordable to businesses,” he says.

The company has created ripples in the data integration domain through its integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS)— AtomSphere–and has grown to pro¬cessing billions of integrations each year for more than 5,000 customers. “Created using a na¬tive cloud architecture, the Boomi solu¬tion supports all application integration processes between cloud platforms, SaaS applications, and on-premises systems,” explains McNabb. Clients can configure integrations using AtomSphere’s data mapping tools with a library of applica¬tions and technology connectors. Users can then deploy the integration processes wherever required through the Boomi Atom, a self-contained runtime engine. The management functionality in Boomi enables customers to monitor the health and activity of all Atoms, access detailed process logs, and set up proactive notifi¬cations for any issues related to integra¬tion processes.

Boomi’s key value proposition is further enhanced by the combination of its unique crowd sourced innovations— Boomi Suggest, Boomi Assure, and Boomi Resolve. Using Boomi Suggest clients can tap into the knowledge base of the Dell Boomi Community for automatic data mapping suggestions. Boomi Assure delivers crowd sourced regression testing, allowing companies to submit integration processes and test data, which are then automatically tested with every Boomi AtomSphere release.

Our mission from day one has been to revolutionize data integration and make it accessible and affordable to businesses

The third innovation, Boomi Resolve, is a repository of resolutions for common error messages, allowing customers to quickly diagnose and fix identified issues, resulting in significant operational cost savings and increased business agility. Further, the company also simplifies Master Data Management (MDM) efforts of enterprises by providing them seamless navigation between MDM, data integration and data quality services in a single interface. “Boomi MDM provides the flexibility to expand MDM initiatives quickly and cost effectively—sharing, consolidating, and analyzing business information on a global scale,” McNabb said.

Leveraging the benefits of AtomSphere, Boomi has worked with customers like Mozy, American Express, A10 Networks, GoPro, and Emtec. For instance, Novartis, a pharmaceutical company, was required to replace two on-premise middleware solutions that were both expensive and complicated to maintain. Looking for a replacement offering greater agility and lower TCO, Novartis approached Dell Boomi. AtomSphere helped reduce development effort and also delivered significant cost savings, which strengthened the business case for extending its use to a range of integration scenarios. “We helped Novartis to deploy twice the integrations in one sixth of the time, while cutting operating expenditures by 30 percent and reducing server capacity requirements by 50 percent,” delineates McNabb.

Continuing with the goal of enabling customers to speed up the process of developing and testing integrations and minimizing errors, Dell Boomi will invest in new innovations in data integration. “We want to continue helping our clients achieve greater productivity and faster time to value so they can focus on their key objective–business growth,” concludes McNabb.

Dell Boomi

Berwyn, PA

Chris McNabb, CEO

Enables customers to integrate any combination of cloud and on-premises applications without software, appliances or coding through its integration Plaform as a Service (iPaaS)

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