Demandbase: Pioneering Account-Based Marketing Strategy

Peter Isaacson, CMO
With increasing market competition, businesses across industries are employing an Account- Based Marketing (ABM) strategy to identify and target their key accounts and enhance ROI. As one of the pioneers in ABM, Demandbase combines Artificial intelligence (AI) with an ABM approach to help automate and scale customer’s ability to engage their key accounts. They deliver marketing, sales, and advertising solutions for customers like banks, insurance companies, brokers, and other entities connected to financial services and risk investments.

“The combination of ABM and AI is changing the paradigm in B2B marketing and creating ways for financial services companies to differentiate and personalize their services to the right audiences,” says Peter Isaacson, CMO, Demandbase. “Now is the time for financial services companies to go beyond traditional marketing strategies and seek ways to target specific companies and deliver customized and tailored messaging to their key accounts.”

Demandbase’s ABM approach with AI capability helps businesses identify, attract, engage, convert, close, and measure progress against key accounts. Their end-to-end ABM platform manages the whole B2B marketing cloud, including advertising, marketing, sales and analytics.


Demandbase’s suite of advertising solutions includes account-based advertising and account-based retargeting. Demandbase takes a unique approach compared to other digital advertising solution providers by going beyond cookie data. In an ABM strategy, advertising takes a different approach—by identifying accounts in real time via their unique IP addresses to deliver personalized and tailored content to those companies. “Developing a campaign based on the initial engagement of potential customers who show active buying signals helps organizations deliver the right message at the right time,” notes Isaacson.


Furthermore, Demandbase’s marketing solutions support clients in account identification, and website personalization.

Our suite of advertising solutions is based on the initial engagement of the customers. It helps organizations deliver personalized messages to their target accounts

These tools help engage and convert key accounts by reducing friction and optimizing content.


To help sales teams close more deals, Demandbase’s account-based sales development delivers insights on both the account, and the key contacts within those accounts. By developing a comprehensive view of the account, and understanding insights among the key buying group within the company, sales and marketing teams can convert more accounts to pipeline, and more pipeline to closed business.


“One of the most difficult challenges with financial services marketing is proving ROI on advertising. ABM solves this problem by focusing on more meaningful B2B metrics such as the number of targeted accounts driven to your company’s website, instead of the more commonly used B2C metrics like click through rates.” said Isaacson. Demandbase’s analytics tools focus on website awareness, engagement and conversion, connect it to actual revenue opportunities, and separate high-value website visitors who work at target accounts from the low-value noise.

Demandbase’s solutions are unique, easy-to-use, implement, and deploy. AI is at the core of its solutions and is set to disrupt the world of sales and marketing.


San Francisco, CA

Peter Isaacson, CMO

Offers an end-to-end Account-Based Marketing platform, coupled with AI capability