DMI: Helping Business Harness the Power of Mobility

DJ Oreb, EVP, Managed Mobility Services In today’s hyper-connected mobile economy, an impregnable digital strategy is essential to enhance business processes. DJ Oreb, EVP, Managed Mobility Services of DMI says, “We have built an end-to-end mobility services company to help businesses and government agencies reinvent themselves for the connected world.”

As a new breed of partner blending an innovative and human-centric focus of a digital agency, DMI is far from just a planning partner. It assures digital transformation strategies and implementation with equal expertise. With over 2900 employees across North America, Europe, and Asia, DMI creates new mobile and end-user service ecosystems, focusing on areas such as Managed Mobility Services, digital marketing, e-commerce, IoT, and more, with a hyper-focus on exceptional client collaboration and the end user experience.

Having developed over 3000 mobile sites and apps, and with over two million devices under management, DMI stays on the cutting edge of innovation in the market, meeting proliferating business requirements of its clients.

The Integrated Mobility Capabilities

From managed services to digital strategies, brand and marketing to data analytics and AI, digital commerce and IoT to UX and app development, DMI helps firms reinvent their platform and technology for the connected world. This amalgamation of capabilities ensures businesses envision and realize the need for transformation.

Organizations focused on mobility rely on digital transformation strategies. From developing novel revenue streams to recalibrating organizational structure and developing a customer-centric outlook, DMI drives the transformation needed for its clients to flourish in this digital age. But the transformation is not possible without first understanding the customer or end user; hence, the firm starts with a human-centric approach gaining a deep insight of customers, their preferred platforms and channels, and applicable technology trends. This allows its clients to deliver transformed business models for a hyper-connected world. Moreover, with the ubiquity of mobile devices, DMI sees its expertise in mobility as key reason clients choose the company to support their digital transformations. From increasing the productivity of employees to engaging customer experience, effective mobile strategies are imperative to reaching people where they are today. With over a decade of experience in mobile solutions, DMI helps enterprises understand and envision business transformation with its distinctive approach to mobility. This mobile strategy has led to improved customer loyalty, enhanced employee collaboration, and increased cost savings.

However, with mobility comes numerous challenges—mobile service management, device sourcing and logistics, device lifecycle management, and more.

With over a decade of experience in mobile solutions, DMI helps enterprises understand and envision business transformation with its distinctive approach to mobility

DMI provides a seamless mobile experience, delivering the finest mobility uptime, performance, service, and security through its cloud and managed services. “A lot of technologies that we offer to our customers are cloud-based, and with most of our engagements we focus on assisting organizations transition to cloud based tools in order to enhance their experience and productivity,” mentions Oreb. With numerous successful implementations, the firm has devised enterprise mobility strategies encompassing mobile device, service and content management while factoring in necessary security and compliance concerns.

Additionally, DMI provides sourcing and logistics management—referred to as the Device Lifecycle Management—for enterprise customers. It also provides ‘Device-as-a-Service’ which incorporates the use of the device as an asset enclosed with associated services and a motive to continuously evolve, change, and update customers across distinctive parallels. Its core capability services—mobile device and application management, mobile identity and access management, mobile content management—are designed, improved, implemented, and upgraded according to its enhanced marketing strategies to deliver a seamless customer experiences.

With IoT revolutionizing the technological landscape, DMI builds an IoT approach that affiliates with its client’s aims, unleashing the power of connectivity by linking the physical and the digital worlds. “Bigger data pipes, cost-effective sensors, and cloud-scale computing power have come together as a catalyst for the IoT ecosystem to thrive”. Hence, the firm’s IoT framework has helped customers accelerate connectivity, providing unprecedented opportunities to disrupt markets, deliver enhanced experiences, and create new revenue streams.

The firm also focuses on security due to its increasing connected presence. Protecting its customer’s digital assets with top-notch security strategies—Data Leakage Protection, Security Hardening and Assessment, SSO Configuration and more—DMI provides advisory services to create a strategic roadmap on the basis of discrete business plans, helping reduce risk and driving secure customer experiences.

The DMI Mobility Platforms

DMI leverages pre-built platforms—the DMI inspection platform or the DMI EndZone—for implementing its mobile solutions. These mobile platforms are tools that function as a starting point for mobile solutions. Ranging from front-end and back-end mobile solutions to integration and reporting tools, the DMI platforms increase accuracy and efficiency by collecting data in real time during evaluation.
What’s more, they help reduce a customer’s development costs and implementation risk, ensuring completeness as the data collected allows on-the-spot implementation of actions.

Customizing the Onboarding Process

The first step in building a successful solution is on-boarding. A customer-specific Customer Operating Plan (COP) is developed, that documents all the operational needs of customers. Workshops are performed at this stage, providing customers with best practice recommendations, details of what others within the industry are doing, and how things are being managed. “Our documentation starts with the ‘phase zero approach’ which is where we want to identify some of the core capabilities that we need to obtain,” elucidates Oreb. With this understanding, the firm starts with knowing the transition needs of the customer, viewing and accessing their current environment with pre-documented questionnaires. This helps to understand the painpoints the customers are facing. Later based on the assessment, the quality team of the firm develops a transition plan, monitoring its customer’s operational efficiency and performance, thereby, ensuring the highest levels of client satisfaction.

The Critical Feats in Application

DJ Oreb tells of a global fashion retailer that was greatly benefited by the firm’s services and solutions. This fashion retail firm was looking to reinvent its legacy systems. And, with their business model running across numerous countries, the firm wanted specific policies mandated across all locations, but the process took longer than anticipated. They began looking for a scenario where they could move to a device and service model across multiple countries. The biggest challenge faced by DMI was the time given. A process that mostly took 60-120 days had to be done in four weeks. Getting it up and functioning and connected with all the security protocols in a short span of time was challenging. Hence, the DMI team used cross-parallel services within its organization to aid the retail firm and was able to procure them. They put up a secure cloud that would handle GDPR as well as other regulations within other countries in two weeks. For connectivity, DMI collaborated with the manufacturer of the devices, helping with a better connection between countries within the specified time frame.

The Journey beyond the Status Quo

Growing at a tremendous pace, DMI is looking to realign the way its business runs, creating models that revolve around customers’ need and satisfaction. The coming month will witness a ‘multi-lingual text message support’ technology. DMI has also automated and altered instructions on how to set up a phone. The only thing the user would do is put the network or the security password. Moreover, apart from enhancing its marketing strategy, the firm is rebranding and redesigning its business package to more of a tiered service option like—gold, silver, and platinum. Here prices will be predetermined, making the choices more accessible to customers.

Oreb states, “You can’t be successful in what you do unless you have two core functions—listening to the customers and listening to your employees. If you abide by this, you have the potential to do anything in this industry because it helps to understand the impacts and quickly create solutions to continuously evolve.”


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DJ Oreb, EVP, Managed Mobility Services

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