DRZ Corporation: Delivering Holistic Data Management and Governance Solutions

Delmar Assis, CEO
Since 2013, DRZ Corporation has been a household name in the data management space, assisting organizations in transforming their data into relevant business assets. The company’s robust data management and governance solutions are designed to help clients democratize the use of data and promote digital transformation. By delivering a 360-degree view of data, governance, and compliance, DRZ Corporation’s solutions generate unified and reliable information, aiding optimal operational efficiency and better decision-making.

“Our mantra is to solve clients’ complex business problems. To this end, we adopt a consultative approach, understand their specific demands, and provide a holistic and agile data solution with the help of our extensive ecosystem of partners,” states Delmar Assis, CEO, DRZ Corporation.

DRZ Corporation consistently upholds a customer-centric outlook, helping it understand various data management challenges that weigh down clients’ business operations. Today, enterprises are saddled with data governance and compliance, data preparation, democratization, and core data management issues. They are concerned with deriving relevant insights from the deluge of raw data and funneling it down to the right people with appropriate authorizations. This is crucial, as businesses need this data to enhance their operational efficiency and drive better results. In addition, companies struggle to communicate and understand their end consumers, which hinders them from achieving better satisfaction, personalization, and retention.

Committed to filling these gaps, DRZ Corporation leverages modern technologies to offer innovative solutions that generate actionable insights and drive businesses forward. The company supports clients in combating operational challenges by guiding them from solution design to implementation and maintenance. This helps create metrics for data usage and allows data monetization. It can easily create a holistic roadmap, helping clients with data acquisition, transformation, unification, enrichment, and governance.

To enhance communication and offer an effective omnichannel experience, DRZ Corporation provides a complete CCM-CXM solution for clients.

One of its primary offerings is Data 360, which, collaboratively with governance, allows clients to accelerate and simplify IT efforts, gives them self-service options, and makes them better data consumers.
It is a firstin- class solution to restructure and unify data to generate smart, relevant, complete, reliable, and governed information. Data 360 also allows data acquisition, analysis (discovery/ data profiling), data protection (masking/ encryption), data segmentation, and online information generation.

Our mantra is to solve clients’ complex business problems. To this end, we adopt a consultative approach, understand their specific demands, and provide a holistic and agile data solution with the help of our extensive ecosystem of partners

While taking clients through their data journey, DRZ Corporation ensures customer retention and increases cross-sell and upsell. The company assists in new product development and better communication in a compliant manner. A typical client engagement at DRZ Corporation begins with data acquisition and discovery. The company prepares the data to ensure quality and chooses the relevant data to help clients. Having acquired this information, DRZ Corporation performs data investigation with diverse analytics. It can also help clients manage their master data from customers, products, processes, and providers. The company is an expert in data governance, allowing clients to understand their IT, data catalog, lineage, and impact, along with compliance matters, including GDPR and LGPD. DRZ Corporation also supports clients in implementing data mesh over the self-service data to enable data democratization and easy delivery of relevant information. DRZ Corporation, with its consulting unit SDNA, conducts customer assessments to build a suitable roadmap for client requirements.

“We take our clients through the entire data journey, following the right steps and best practices to foster a long-term partnership with them. We want to be their go-to data provider and ensure they get all the benefits we commit to during the proposal,” adds Assis.

DRZ Corporation

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Delmar Assis, CEO

DRZ offers innovative solutions in order to generate complete information, unified business and improvement of operational efficiency, minimizing the time that will be spent in the project’s execution. DRZ Corporation is the provider of solutions for data management and governance, transforming data into business assets and promoting digital transformation for the company to be Business Data Driven.

DRZ Corporation