e-Emphasys Technologies: Changing the Rules of the Field Services Playbook

Nicolas J. Orolin, President
Delivering efficient field service requires orchestrating number of “moving parts” in the process. It’s like stirring the hornet nest for organizations when it comes to connecting all the dots from the moment an end-user call to the time the case is closed and an invoice is sent—especially when the company is having inflexible and out-of-date back end systems. Cary, NC based e-Emphasys Technologies has developed a built-in integration tool e-Emphasys Field Service, which helps organizations to seamlessly integrate every aspect of field service by synchronizing process and workflow across the enterprise. “Our solution provides an end-to-end management of a field service operations, which includes work orders, scheduling, dispatch, invoices, and task and asset management,” says Nicolas J. Orolin, President, e-Emphasys Technologies. “e-Emphasys Field Service covers everything a service organization, field, or in-house service needs to generate more revenue, increase the efficiency, and productivity of service team.”

For work order management, e-Emphasys generates quotes, updates status in real time, and creates invoices instantaneously. Similar convenience is offered to customers looking for a seamless ware-house and inventory management, and financial accounting. “We ensure optimized inventory of parts and provide real-time inventory views to field service to increase productivity and avoid unnecessary visits,” says Orolin. For accounting, the company hosts back office activities such as tracking of credit limits, credit checks, and account payables. Both, managing the work orders to keeping the accounting sheets clean are a nightmare for many, but with e-Emphasys automated tools, the perils of field service can be transformed into opportunities.

e-Emphasys allows organizations to avoid “free service and loot revenue.” Warranty and SLA related information remains buried in the contract papers, which makes it difficult for service professionals to keep track of which components are covered under warranty and which aren’t. “It requires either a manual or error prone and time consuming excels to store vital warranty information, which mostly end-up in giving “free” service on tools that are no longer under warranty,” says Orolin. e-Emphasys ensures a real-time availability of warranty associated information—warranty coverage period, product identification number, purchasing and shipping data—through mobile devices for the field service teams.

e-Emphasys Field Service covers everything a service organization, field or in-house service needs to generate more revenue, increase the efficiency and productivity of service team

“e-Emphasys Field Service captures this information either integrating with back-office ERP systems or simply entering it directly into an easy-to-use, service management solution,” adds Orolin.

With the growing tenacity of IoT or Internet of Things in the field service, e- Emphasys is leaving no stone unturned to leverage predictive abilities of connected devices. For field service organizations, connecting equipment with technicians’ mobile devices and the back office in real time is a necessity. e-Emphasys Field Service fulfills this demand by providing open integration tool to connect with various telematics providers to capture and store extensive steams of information in a structured manner.

e-Emphasys solution include seamlessly integrated Service Scheduler, an out-of-the-box scheduling solution for dealers. e-Emphasys Service Scheduler enables a streamlined dispatching process which makes managing service operations easier for dispatchers from handling calls to collaborating with field technicians, and eventually improving the customer experience. “By leveraging this intuitive, drag-and-drop dispatch solution, one can assign and set-up schedules for multiple work orders simultaneously,” prides Orolin.

Another differentiating factor of e- Emphasys is its “Think Tank” teams that bring the essence of trending technologies effectively into the business domains of customers. With their workforce and visionary leadership, the company is changing the rules of traditional playbook of field services by providing ease of use and higher user adoption. The e-Emphasys solution is currently implemented in 17 countries. The plan for the next two years is to increase their global footprint further.

e-Emphasys Technologies

Cary, NC

Nicolas J. Orolin, President

A provider of an end-to-end management of a service operations, which includes work orders, scheduling, dispatch, invoices, and task and asset management