Eclipse: The New Era of Dynamic Documents

Steve Luke, CEO The document and forms design and generation software business, as well as the customer communications software business, are in a mature state today. To outshine the competition within an established landscape requires an out of the box design and this is exactly what Eclipse aimed at doing in 2010. As the pioneers of the document and forms design and generation industry, the team at Eclipse went on to build software for document design and generation that works for any industry vertical. Through their experience, the leaders easily eliminated the mistakes and short comings of existing legacy technologies and came up with ‘DocOrigin’. The solution instituted the methodology of Integration Without ModificationTM that removed the hassle of modifying or customizing a client’s existing business software to work with DocOrigin. Integration Without ModificationTM allows DocOrigin to consume the data clients have been generating for more than a decade, with no modification to their legacy business software. Otherwise, change management alone can cost more than the software. Barely six years in the industry and the software has been impactful in two of the Fortune 10 companies, AT&T and McKesson Medical-Surgical, while replacing numerous competitors in the banking, government, healthcare, insurance, and telco industries.

As an innovative and intuitive software solution for designing and generating dynamic enterprise forms, DocOrigin can merge data from any business software package. “It's the business software that needs to be industry specific, DocOrigin will do the rest,” exclaims Steve Luke, CEO of Eclipse. This is one of the prime reasons for the firm to attract a number of big names like ABC Inoac, Eaton, Guidewire, Konica Minolta, PPG, Pella, and Tyler Technologies to its client roster.

DocOrigin in Action

As an innovative and intuitive software solution for designing and generating dynamic enterprise forms, DocOrigin can create any document in electronic or printed formats. The solution’s primary input is the data that customers generate, following which it creates dynamic documents, labels, checks, forms, and even dynamic fillable forms with precision and at high volumes. DocOrigin allows companies to leverage the data produced by older legacy systems, modern enterprise CRMs, and other line of business applications to create and generate affordable high-value documents.

It's the business software that needs to be industry specific, DocOrigin will do the rest

This, in turn, saves money, builds value, and increases return on investment in terms of documents, technology, and people.

Through its Rapid Migration feature, DocOrigin takes the existing templates customers are using and converts them to open XML file format in seconds or minutes. For example one of Eclipse’s business partners migrated 2100 templates for insurance forms and tested them in approximately 1100 hours or 52 minutes per form. Most companies spend more than that in just evaluating the forms, documents, and checks. Interestingly, the company uses no proprietary file types in its software. “We want to make our clients feel comfortable that they are not purchasing software that will generate any files they cannot access. In fact, the business software they use, need not be modified or customized to work with DocOrigin,” states Luke. Its design is localized for international use, so a single form or document template can be used for multiple countries. Whether producing large volumes of invoices or statements, or a single customer letter, DocOrigin handles business critical requirements quickly, easily, and affordably.

Adding to Eclipse’s document generation solution portfolio is DocWizard powered by DocOrigin that easily addresses the design, presentation, and generation of high volume, batch processes for all documents that originate from JD Edwards EnterpriseOne ERP System. Certified by Oracle, DocWizard provides rapid replacement and migration tools to replace existing document generation software.

A testament to Eclipse’s adeptness in designing and generating dynamic business documents is McKesson Medical- Surgical, a distributor of medical supplies that recently replaced three legacy competitive products with their software. DocWizard generated a large batch document in 30 minutes that had previously taken 6 hours with their legacy software. The company’s solution also boast of 99.9975 uptime and performance with a proven track record of producing documents 300 percent faster using significantly less CPUs and memory on the server.
Unleashing the Potential of Transactional Documents

Paving the company’s roadmap are Eclipse’s new solutions, Business Communications Center (BCC) and Dynamic Business Documents (DBD). Powered by DocOrigin, BCC allows non- IT departments to run campaigns and improve product and services messaging using transactional business documents. Fueled by the data generated by any business software, BCC works with legacy ERP, EMR, CRM systems, and current business software. Marketing, HR, and legal departments can use the solution to create campaigns, messaging, and manage legal work without engaging IT for ongoing projects. Similarly, Dynamic Business Documents enables authorized employees to use pre-approved document templates and content to create professional business correspondence and other personalized documents through a user-friendly interface.

Managing the Complete Document Lifecycle

To further enhance its product portfolio, Eclipse has developed a strong alliance with partners like IntelliChief, an enterprise content management (ECM) and paperless processing company. With combined solutions, customers have everything they need to produce forms and documents and manage inbound documents from third parties, vendors, customers, and partners. The solution can manage a client’s entire document lifecycle, from document creation to processing to management.

Likewise, Eclipse has partnered with Advantage 360, a global software company delivering convergent billing, POS, CRM, and OSS solutions for all telecom technologies, as well as the language, currency, regulatory, and cultural demands of a global market. According to Richard Card, CEO of Advantage 360, their relationship with Eclipse began in 2012 and since has proven to be a great partnership that offers exceptional value to their customers. “DocOrigin is tightly integrated with our core software that allows customers to generate high value personalized communication in every document and form, including marketing and statistics that gives subscribers a crystal clear understanding of their bills, thereby reducing customer service calls and collection issues.”

Eclipse is also set to expand its global footprint in EMEA and North America through new distributors, Eclipse EMEA and Platinum Partner 4Point. These companies are leaders in the enterprise document and customer communications industry and bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to Eclipse's international DocOrigin team. “Fortunately for Eclipse and our partners we can easily work in any industry. This does not mean that we are a Jack of All Trades, but it does mean that with the help of our skilled partners our software can solve the problems in any industry,” affirms Luke.


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