EDX Wireless: SignalPro - Simplifying Wireless Network Complexity

Roger Skidmore, CEO
Evolutions towards multi-tier network through ubiquitous wireless services are acting as trendsetters in the wireless market. Moreover, the onset of wireless messaging, contact management and synchronized calendars serves a huge array of different markets like cellular, public safety, utility, defense or Wi-Fi. “Organizations are keen to be aware of new protocols being developed and innovative applications being produced that leverage wireless technology in distinctive ways,” says Roger Skidmore, CEO, EDX Wireless. “Fundamentally, users want to understand how to best utilize wireless networking to accomplish their business goals,” he adds. In such a scenario, EDX Wireless provides RF planning tools for the design and deployment of wireless networks for service providers, equipment vendors, and technology consultants worldwide. “Our comprehensive products and solutions help customers simplify complex problems related to the wireless arena and make it easier for them to understand and take action accordingly,” extols Skidmore.

The company’s flagship offering, EDX SignalPro—a comprehensive engineering software platform—offers all the functionality needed to design wireless networks including area studies, link/point-to-point studies, and route studies. SignalPro can be expanded via additional modules that target specific wireless technology verticals. Whether it’s deploying a wireless network in a single building, a single city, or across an entire state, SignalPro greatly simplifies the tasks. Using SignalPro, a user can enter information about the physical environment and utilize the software to determine the optimal quantities, locations, and configurations for wireless infrastructure in order to meet the desired performance and budgetary goals.

For any given configuration of wireless network assets, the software can produce graphical and numerical outputs that show the expected performance of those wireless network assets in a myriad ways depending on the technology. For instance, a graphical image of a city with shaded colors representing good and bad network performance quickly provides immediate contextual feedback easily recognizable and interpretable by users.

Our custom tailored products and solutions help the customers simplify complex problems related to the wireless arena

“An interactive, dynamic graphical view provides a very easy way for anyone to interpret.We aim to simplify what would ordinarily be a very complex problem,” beams Skidmore.

Highlighting a case study, one of their clients, Oncor—a large electric transmission and distribution utility in Texas—installed advanced smart meters in more than 3.2 million homes. Using EDX SignalPro, the customer was able to accurately gauge the placement and quantity of backhaul, routing, and aggregation nodes needed to serve their customers. Comparing their deployments before and after using SignalPro’s guidance, “Oncor estimated a capital savings going forward of roughly $65 per smart meter given the more efficient designs produced using EDX’s products,” extols Skidmore.

Today, EDX is providing top notch solutions in the markets such as backhaul, mesh, and smart grid. Recently, the firm expanded their geographical footprint to Austin. Highlighting the key strengths of the company, Skidmore says, “EDX has a culture attuned to anticipate and understand the customer demand for software solutions that address their wireless networking needs coupled with a robust, mature core product platform.” As a firm believer of constant innovation, Skidmore adds, “When a customer starts planning a wireless network, even if it’s a theoretical network that may not exist for years in the future, our products are capable to accommodate that desire today.” Going forward, the company aims to continually improve their products, be it as simple as tweaking the speed of simulations or providing entirely new and dynamic approaches to solving complex network issues.

EDX Wireless

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Roger Skidmore, CEO

Provides carrier-class RF planning tools for the design and deployment of wireless networks

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