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Thomas Ajspur, Founder & CEO
Amid the increase in the number of failed ERP implementation projects due to gaps in the alignment between people and systems, the modern distribution industry is pinning its hopes on knowledgeable partners who can streamline their ERP implementation. Although the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 brings world-class finance, operations, marketing, talent, sales and customer insight capabilities to customers, it does not fully meet the specialized needs of distributors. With a deep understanding of the challenges prevalent in the distribution industry, ENAVATE—a Microsoft Gold partner—is resolute to change the game. “Combining proprietary technologies, industry and technology expertise, a unique client engagement strategy, and managed services, we take the value of Microsoft Dynamics 365 to a whole new level,” says Thomas Ajspur, Founder and CEO of ENAVATE. The company follows a horizontal work culture where its experts can take decisions in the client’s environment and help them stay ahead of the curve.

ENAVATE follows an innovative pre-engagement strategy, termed “fresh perspective,” through which it fills the gaps existing between the individuals in the team—actively working on the project—from the competence and personality perspective. The team, comprising few of its own employees and select members from the client’s staff, goes through several meetings and training sessions to build the knowledge about the project and develop synergy. For fruitful training outcomes, ENAVATE provides the essential tools and methodologies during the team meetings. After the training, team ENAVATE interacts with the client to understand their needs and analyze ways to improve the alignment between the clients’ business objectives and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

ENAVATE takes a measured approach to a successful implementation where it retains most (65 percent) of the standard Dynamics 365 features to avoid unnecessary complexity during or after the deployment. The company differentiates in the market by offering proprietary distribution-specific technology modules that are integrated with the standard feature set of the ERP. These additional modules—for example, pricing module—are crucial for the distributors.

Combining proprietary technologies, distribution industry and technology expertise, a unique client engagement strategy, and managed services, we take the value of Microsoft Dynamics 365 to a whole new level

Besides, it also allows clients to personalize the Dynamics platform and build their ‘secret sauce’ and maintain an edge in the market. Post-implementation, ENAVATE’s managed services team supports the clients with additional enhancements and support. To keep clients updated on every new technology or business innovation, team ENAVATE shares information on the key performance indicators (KPIs) and the on-going best practices in the distribution arena, consistently. For instance, SD Worx— the fifth-largest payroll provider in the world—approached ENAVATE to upgrade Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 to the latest version of Dynamics 365 to meet its growing customer needs. More than 40 ENAVATE team members worked in close collaboration with SD Worx’s staff for almost 18 months to build its X-Tend payroll solution on Microsoft Dynamics 365. This new solution obviated the need for additional infrastructure and separate teams for database management.

ENAVATE has a legacy of working with Microsoft, sharing its intellectual property with the technology giant and building new tools based on the latter’s latest product releases. The company’s clients, therefore, can avail the ready-to-use product that is ahead of its time. Apart from distributors, global Microsoft Dynamics partners and Microsoft-centric independent software vendors (ISVs) outsource their product development and maintenance operations to ENAVATE for effective customer engagement. “ENAVATE holds the record of serving almost half of all Dynamics ISVs around the world. And we strive to develop our existing offerings further and educate clients on the crucial decision-making qualities for market dominance,” concludes Ajspur.


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Thomas Ajspur, Founder & CEO

ENAVATE is committed to providing transformational software solutions and services to its partners and clients worldwide. The firm also strives to create a vibrant, dynamic work environment that is financially rewarding, intellectually stimulating, and always fun. ENAVATE believes that excellent outcomes begin with a clear vision of what is possible and a driving passion for getting there. The company’s Vision 2020 document for the coming year is a compilation of the aspirations of the team and is the driving force behind everything executed for its clients, partners and employees