Endava: Improving Business Outcomes through Testing Transformation

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Eoin Woods, CTO
In today’s highly competitive market, the growing functionality and complexity of products can be attributed to the need to drive business transformation. With the ever-increasing focus on customer satisfaction, what becomes paramount for businesses is the ability to maintain high product quality and reliability while significantly reducing time-to-market and costs. This has resulted in a multifold increase in the volume and frequency of application/product testing, which can create a bottleneck that impacts a business’s ability to launch new functionality quickly. As such, successfully implementing continuous delivery has become a significant opportunity to help in meeting business objectives.

From a testing perspective, the absence of automated build frameworks, the inability to control test data and test environments and the lack of fully automated regression test coverage, executable in an acceptable time frame, are contributing factors to that bottleneck. Endava, a leading next-generation technology services provider, helps clients to address these challenges through their advanced engineering and automation practice.

Endava delivers the full project lifecycle from ideation to production, which includes application delivery, testing, support, hosting, and managed services. The company acts as a strategic partner that designs and delivers frictionless digital solutions by covering strategy, enterprise software engineering, user experience, architecture, and intelligent platform automation. Endava’s Unlocking Continuous Delivery service helps their clients to increase the adoption of modern ways of working, embrace new technologies, and deliver value faster, with improved feedback cycles. “Our team has highly skilled and experienced test automation engineers, AI experts, and software developers. We focus on removing the friction for development teams by automating the deployment of test environments and test data, and implementing fully automated regression testing,” asserts Eoin Woods, CTO Endava.

In addition to fully automated functional regression testing Endava integrates performance and security testing into agile development cycles. These non-functional tests are executed via a continuous integration server to provide fast feedback and ensure that issues are found and fixed quickly. “With an agile DNA, Endava is continually innovating and developing test automation solutions and accelerators based on open-source frameworks, which are compatible with modern delivery models,” explains Woods.
Endava helps their clients to move toward continuous testing, allowing them to release new features with a higher quality factor. The company does so by completing test cycles faster, and with less effort, through well-architected automation solutions and increasing regression test coverage through the extensive use of test automation. Endava reduces the time to provide development teams with feedback by integrating testing into the build pipeline and shifting testing left. Moreover, it also reduces the cost of test automation maintenance by implementing well-engineered test automation frameworks.

With an agile DNA, Endava is continually innovating and developing test automation solutions and accelerators based on open-source frameworks, which are compatible with modern delivery models

Over the years, Endava has become known for their customer-centric approach, as well as for driving responsiveness through agile transformations and delivering automation enabled efficiency. Through its innovative testing practices, the company is constantly developing and enhancing test accelerators, which help deliver testing services. The testing practice is supported through events like Testing Week, where teams from each of our delivery units compete to demonstrate the best testing solutions and share ideas.

Mark Firth, Endava’s Head of Testing points out, “At Endava, we believe that learning is never complete, and through our own Endava University, we deliver courses to strengthen the technical and soft skills of our test engineers.” In addition to their advanced software engineering skills, Endava’s focus is on helping clients succeed in achieving their business objectives. “We aim to do so by removing friction, and increasing quality in the software delivery process to get features into production faster, and with confidence,” concludes Mark.


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Eoin Woods, CTO

Endava is reimagining the relationship between people and technology. We accelerate our clients’ ability to take advantage of new business models and market opportunities by ideating and delivering dynamic platforms and intelligent digital experiences that fuel the rapid, ongoing transformation of their businesses. By leveraging next-generation technologies, our agile, multi-disciplinary teams provide a combination of Product & Technology Strategies, Intelligent Experiences, and World Class Engineering to help our clients become more engaging, responsive, and efficient