Energy Management Collaborative: Bringing Lighting and Technology into the Future

Aakash Chandarana, General Manager
The rising energy and consumption costs have made the retail sector a tough place to set up a business. It is high time organizations invest in the right partner to help in reducing the energy consumed by lighting, heating, and ventilation systems.

Energy Management Collaborative (EMC) can be that partner.

EMC has been providing lighting and technology services for 20 years to Fortune 500 retail, commercial and industrial clients across North America. Specific to the retail space, EMC offers customers cutting-edge LED Lighting + Technology conversion systems and services. They understand the businesses thoroughly, and the solutions it develops and the process for delivering successful installs are specifically tailored to retailers’ needs at the corporate and store level. EMC speaks directly to clients and utility providers with a specialized team of utility incentive analysts responsible for seeking out and locating rebates and incentives on behalf of its clients. It provides a complete approach to energy audits, lighting retrofits, and maintenance services that enhances store aesthetics and maximizes sustainability and bottom-line savings.

“Identifying the limitations and the framework within which we operate begins by understanding our customer’s business, their goals, and the key stakeholders’ pain points,” says Aakash Chandarana, general manager of EMC. Over the years, it has completed nearly 100 thousand lighting upgrades for clients in various industries, saving them time and money.

In one such instance, EMC worked with a national retailer that requested the installation of smart hardware and software components at more than 900 locations across the United States. The parts had to be scalable and futureproof for conventional building controls like heating, cooling, and lighting, as well as IoT edge devices. The client also required a customized solution to produce reports, gather input and direct them toward important issues. In collaboration with a smart building controls manufacturer, EMC provided a hardware system and created a user interface software solution. Using this solution, the retailer could meet all their goals and expectations across their footprint and garner an increased ROI. One result from this open, futureproofed controls solution was that EMC developed an IoT edge integration to solve an unusual waste compaction use case. The program overall has resulted in savings of approximately USD 5 million annually.

The EMC culture encourages taking initiative, asking questions, solving problems, and taking action. Using its expertise, EMC helps clients identify the appropriate solution. It then deploys people, communication tools, and materials to implement that solution quickly and consistently at all locations.

EMC uses its complete project management approach, EnergyMAXX®, to successfully implement thousands of lighting upgrade projects annually, saving clients across industries billions of kilowatt-hours of energy.

We understand our customer’s business, their goals, and the pain points of the key stakeholders, and then figure out the limitations and what is the framework within which we are operating

EMC makes it a point to recognize where there are overlaps between its objectives and those of major stakeholders. Further, it presents a high-level suggestion of the solutions and ascertains the importance of ROI. This enables EMC to take on those priorities and goals, return as a team, and bring forward ideas and executable solutions.

This proven project management process ensures the most efficient and clean installation while providing the flexibility to accommodate the stores, many of which (when applicable) kept their 24/7 operating hours during the installation. Projects with EMC help retailers meet sustainability goals and lower maintenance costs, and the new lighting and controls technologies create an elevated store environment for shoppers. It will continue to offer a comprehensive approach to energy audits, lighting retrofits, ROI driven controls upgrades and maintenance services to enhance store aesthetics and maximize sustainability and bottom-line performance, lighting up people’s lives and increasing the lifeline of our world.

Energy Management Collaborative

Plymouth, Minnesota, United States

Aakash Chandarana, General Manager

Energy Management Collaborative (EMC) provides leading-edge LED lighting + controls + IoT conversion systems and service solutions to a broad range of multinational retail, commercial, industrial, and government customers.

Energy Management Collaborative