Entersekt: Security in Mobile-First World

Sherif Samy SVP, North America
In today’s fast-moving world of technology, most of the organizations extending mobile services to customers find themselves struggling with the security versus convenience dilemma. While these diametrically opposing forces continue to pose a challenge in the banking and healthcare industries, the question is: “How do organizations step up efforts to enable digital security while delivering unparalleled user experience?” Entersekt has an answer to this. The company has seized this opportunity to leverage mobile channel as a means for building trust in ecosystems that are sensitive and regulatory in nature like the banking industry. Founded with a vision to secure the ‘mobile-first’ world by developing patented technology, Entersekt is building a new era of cybersecurity with their multi-factor authentication and mobile app security solutions. Evidently, the company is expanding aggressively in both North America and Europe with over one fifty million transactions every month.

“At Entersekt, our vision is to build and strengthen the trust between organizations and their customers. Be it delivering transactional services or preserving patient identity in healthcare records, Entersekt focuses on securing communication between mobile devices and back-end systems in the bank or healthcare institutions,” says Sherif Samy, SVP North America, Entersekt. In doing so, the company operates as a third-party security provider and enables out-of-band, end-to-end encrypted secure channels using Public Key Encryption (PKE), which are insulated from hackers’, phishing and other man-in-the-middle cyber-attack techniques. The easy-to-deploy Entersekt security solution comes with a component that resides on the mobile device and a hardware compliant device comprising of hardware security modules at the backend system of the bank.

The company’s unique approach to enhancing the digital security of online transactions involves harnessing the power of digital certificate technology with mobile phones to secure online banking, mobile banking, online shopping, or corporate networks. Besides making the mobile transactions more secure, Entersekt’s authentication solution complies with stringent regulatory requirements and FFIEC standards along with enhancing user experience.
On their own, Biometric authentication solutions or omnichannel services, Samy says, fail to deliver the level of security required in the threat-prone ecosystem. This is precisely why the company leverages multi-factor authentication solution employing advanced cryptographic technology for empowering customers with safer transactions and digital services.

Entersekt focuses on securing communication between mobile devices and back-end systems

Since its inception, the firm has earned a stellar reputation within the cybersecurity landscape and has grown from 4 million to 9 million clients using their security technology in a short period. Built on open technologies for high availability, scalability, and simple integration, Entersekt’s patented security products protect millions of devices and transactions daily. Enterprises across the globe look to Entersekt to strengthen the bond of trust they share with their customers, and to build on those relationships. Samy explains an interesting instance when Entersekt assisted a large bank in enhancing their online security. After deploying the Entersekt’s security technology, the bank saw a 99.9 percent fraud deduction in the first year within their online channel. Later, the Entersekt technology was able to eliminate fraud in the banks’ channel and communication completely. The bank was also able to deliver more secure mobile device services, offering more convenience for customers leveraging the richness of the Entersekt functionality. This resulted in significant cost savings for the bank and increase in customer adoption.

Today, Entersekt plays a vital role in enabling PSD2 regulations introduced in the European banking sector. At the same time in the US, a similar concept of open banking API is becoming very prevalent where the company functions as an enabler. With a mission to secure the mobile-first world, Entersekt is investing heavily in their R&D to enable institutions to offer a holistic, secure and value rich omnichannel experience for their end customers.


Atlanta, GA

Sherif Samy SVP, North America

The company offers digital certification and authentication technology for a mobile environment, especially sensitive institutions like banks and healthcare providers