ePROMIS- Smart ERP: A Trailblazer in Construction

Mathews Mathew, CEO & Managing Director
“The great growling engine of change - technology” - Alvin Toffler

The construction landscape often lags behind in the adoption of technological innovations, largely owing to various regulatory and compliance constraints that oversee on-site industrial operations. Even Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems that form the backbone of data aggregation have witnessed a slacken adoption rate among construction companies as a result of manual business processes. Having experienced these hardships first hand, Mathews Mathew, CEO and Managing Director of ePROMIS, embarked on a journey to change this longstanding industry narrative and open the doors to modernization by laying the cornerstone for ePROMIS. Founded in 1981, ePROMIS has been trailblazing the path of alteration by providing a comprehensive ERP software for the construction arena.

ePROMIS’ SaaS-based cloud ERP system enables companies to thwart various challenges prevalent in the industry by drawing the merits of its built-in applications and functionalities such as real-time information aggregation, document management, electronic approvals, business intelligence, and analytics. “Even with present-day technologies, the construction sector faces multiple challenges of anticipating market demands, delivering best-in-class user experience, addressing talent shortage, and transforming promising ideas to fruition. ePROMIS, through its ERP system, thrives on solving these challenges and helping organizations attain business efficiency in their everyday processes,” states Mathew. Also, with the exponential growth of real-time data supplementing the software ecosystem, ePROMIS takes collaborative ERP a notch higher for innovators to come together and share data, experiences, and project knowledge to improve efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

The company employs a unique approach toward product innovation by capitalizing on IoT and equipping integrated ERP platform with the existing business management system. Further, the system blends with various data sources and then performs real-time analysis on streaming data. This approach enables enterprises to enhance their administrative experience, identify lost or misdirected resources, make labor hour tracking easier, provide a holistic view of data, and ensure data security.

Our products are customized in accordance with real-life scenarios on the customer’s side

Displaying the company’s prowess in ERP planning is the case of ABM Group, one of the top civil construction firms in the Middle East. To adapt to the changing industry landscape, the group successfully implemented ePROMIS’ ERP solution, taking advantage of crucial ERP technologies that are vital for sustainable business growth, effectively increasing the client’s business processes.

“With decades of experience in the construction industry, we are well-versed with the challenges faced by companies while running their business. For that very reason, our products are customized in accordance with real-life scenarios on the customer’s side,” says Mathew. By integrating business processes and eliminating data silos through its ERP system, ePROMIS enables organizations to be more competent and responsive to their customers’ needs. Matthew adds, “Customers are at the heart of our business. We create lasting value for them, empowering people to deliver maximum output and inspire innovation in organizations of all shapes and sizes.”

Having won numerous awards and recognitions for its state-of-the-art ERP solution over the years, ePROMIS aims to enhance the applicability of its solutions portfolio in the near future. With Vision 2025, ePROMIS plans to develop solutions for sustainability by investing in AI, cloud computing, blockchain, big data, and enterprise mobility. “As per our Vision 2025, we are currently at the test phase of a next-generation cloud ERP system with an emphasis on mobility and analytics,” he adds. In terms of global footprint, the company maintains a strong worldwide partner network and looks forward to grabbing every opportunity in its way, enhancing its solutions through innovation.


Houston, TX

Mathews Mathew, CEO & Managing Director

ePROMIS Solutions is a dynamic software development company providingcomplete Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) solutions for small, midsize, andcorporate businesses. The company is fully focused on developing advancedbusiness management systems that can provide numerous advantages to bigand small businesses alike. ePROMIS' fully integrated ERP system covers thecore modules such as financial accounting, procurement, project costing,inventory management, purchase, sales, HR/payroll systems, assetmanagement, etc. ePROMIS software is designed to support the entire businessoperations and can be customized according specific to the area where thebusiness is conducted