EPSGlobal: The Go-to Place for Software-defined Data Center Initiatives

Chris Curley, Co-founder & VP, Sales America
Amidst the cosmic cacophony that is caused by the “software-defined everything” market, for a company to emerge as the global distributor-of-choice is no mean achievement. Backed by an industry experience that spans almost two decades, EPSGlobal has achieved this feat through its knack for curating best-in-class network products for software defined data centers (SDDCs). The firm is steering the data center landscape toward a software-defined paradigm—supplying everything, from software to hardware. With regard to the SDN landscape, today, “EPSGlobal is recognized as a central player in drastically improving automation and flexibility standards to whole new levels while underpinning business agility,” says Chris Curley, Co-founder and VP of Sales, America, EPSGlobal.

The firm consolidates the overall procurement process, assisting enterprises with expedited project completion and reduced time to market. Complementing the on-demand supply is the company’s logistics approach that ensures products are delivered on time without fail.

EPSGlobal’s 28 global locations including three distribution hubs—Dublin, Ireland, Indiana, and Suzhou, China—are stocked with a wealth of hardware products. This facilitates them to cater to a customer’s needs for varied products while minimizing lead times and enabling single shipment delivery— eliminating the hassle of sourcing from multiple vendors. “We ensure a full range of component supply from a single vendor, without making our customers wait,” states Curley.

“As a franchised global distributor, we provide all SDDC products, including servers, storage, switches, optics and cables, for IT, telco, retail, BFSI, government and defense, media, life sciences, and utilities industries,” asserts Curley.

EPSGlobal fulfils the advanced needs of modern SDDCs by partnering with premier OEMs like Finisar, Edgecore, Penguin Computing, Microsemi, Solarflare, and Chelsio. For instance: Edgecore Networks (a subsidiary of Accton, the world’s leading network ODM) that designs and manufactures customized switches; and Finisar, the world’s largest supplier of optical communication products are some of the pioneers the company partners with.

We ensure a full range of component supply from a single source, without making our customers wait

The end result—customers are benefited with a package of cutting-edge products without searching for multiple vendors.

Taking the spotlight amongst its prime offerings is EPSGlobal’s supply of equipment that offers end-users the much-needed flexibility and control over their network operating systems (NOS). For instance, Whitebox and bare metal switches from Edgecore are among the prime offerings from EPSGlobal’s product portfolio. Designed without a preloaded operating system, the switches enable enterprises to install their preferred NOS to the hardware that best fit their specific needs. At the heart of this, it is the company’s inclination toward Open Compute Project infrastructure—a community dedicated to unshackling proprietary IT infrastructures—that supports the flexibility of their vendor-agnostic strategy, reducing vendor lock-in and greater choice of customization. “We offer a reliable supply of SDDC products from our Open Compute Project-approved suppliers and we also have strong relationships with all of the SDN software vendors,” remarks Curley.

As the SDDC landscape is still in its infancy, product distributors like EPSGlobal are all set to take the center stage in enabling this new-age data center transformation faster and simpler. With Gartner predicting the programmatic capabilities of SDDC to be a requirement for 75 percent of Global 2000 enterprises in the coming days, EPSGlobal is bound to play a prime role in the supply of end-to-end quality products. “We understand that SDDC is an enabling and emerging technology, offering a plethora of benefits to our customers—a reason why we have tailored our product portfolio to embrace the move,” Curley concludes.


Indianapolis, IN

Chris Curley, Co-founder & VP, Sales America

Supplies world class SDDC products, eliminating the hassle of sourcing from multiple vendors, and minimizing lead times