EPSoft Technologies: Redefining Big Data Services

Paul Ondrej, COO
"Big data” is a technological advancement that has the potential to entirely change the way that companies process, analyze, and use data. However, companies who do not have big data experts on their staff may hesitate to invest heavily in it, due to its complicated nature. EPSoft is a company solving this problem by providing services that help businesses to easily use big data.

EPSoft is a Dallas based company, founded in 2015, with a staff that has more than 100 years of combined experience in the analytics space. The company is comprised of young, enthusiastic people who want to help increase ROI on IT spend for clients. Speaking on the goals of his company, Paul Ondrej, COO of EPSoft says, “EPSoft is here to help customers to jumpstart their big data journey. We are here to simplify the nuances that are associated with any big data implementation.”

EPSoft offers a wide range of services that can help companies with big data. Among these services are big data implementation, predictive analytics, proof of value services, big data education, infrastructure education, managed services such as remote DBA and Oracle E-Business Suite. Essentially, EPSoft can help companies with nearly every aspect of big data.

EPSoft does not just provide one or two targeted services. It has a wide variety of offerings. Many different types of companies can benefit from these services. In fact, regarding this variety, Ondrej says, “We want to be treated as someone who can help small and medium businesses as well as large corporations implement a big data strategy in a cost effective manner and with a greater success rate.”

So, whether a company is a large healthcare business trying to predict hospital readmission rates, or a small electronics manufacturer trying to gain insight about their production error numbers, EPSoft can be of service to them.

With the help of big data, not only are we able to process the data, but we can actually predict and comeup with the right models in a very fast manner

As Ondrej states, “With the help of big data, we are not only able to process the data, but we can actually predict, or come up to the right models in a very fast manner.”

In other words, Ondrej, and his team at EPSoft can help companies gain crucial insights through big data that can help them become more streamlined, to make highly informed, data-backed decisions, and to become more efficient overall—considering that “Over 50 percent of organizations are using or planning to use advanced analytics for their business strategies,” he points out.

Because EPSoft is so geared toward helping its clients generate positive ROI, it offers packages for proof of value services. These packages make it possible for clients to recognize the value of implementing certain strategies and techniques, realizing very quickly whether or not they will be successful. This can be very helpful for many different types of businesses.

The use of big data is only likely to increase in the future as companies turn more and more to statistics for competitive insights. EPSoft is a company that is well positioned in the big data industry to help businesses learn about, implement, and profit from many different big data solutions. As Ondrej says, “We started this company with an idea to simplify (big data) and ensure a greater success for the customers.” That is exactly what EPSoft will continue to do into the future.

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Paul Ondrej, COO

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