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Melvin Petty, CEO & Managing Partner
“Information is power and the ability to deliver decision-ready information is a value-based approach to the market.”

This forward-thinking statement from Melvin Petty, CEO and Managing Partner of ERP International, underscores the fact that organizations that formerly relied on disparate, siloed systems have realized the necessity of optimizing and enhancing their enterprise processes and systems in a cost-efficient manner. With rich experience in technical, operational, and financial management, Petty laid the foundation of ERP with a focus on bringing value to organizations through interoperability and collaboration. While most companies are focused on providing consulting, process or IT capabilities individually, ERP has positioned itself as a comprehensive solutions provider for any problem set, unifying these three capabilities across the Federal Healthcare, National Security, and Defense domain. “ERP pushes the boundary of discovery, transformation, and advanced technology to improve humanity,” says Petty. Appraised at Capability Maturity Level 5 by the CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration), ERP is one among the 55 companies in the U.S. that boast of the ability to run processes, applications, and tools at an optimizing level.

ERP focuses on the integration of subordinate systems into a decision support capability. Today, the company manages multiple decision support systems, aggregating information related to national security, citizenship, or health informatics related to patients for the Department of Defense as well as civilian government agencies. The major differentiator for ERP is its commitment to continuous process improvement using quantitative and qualitative measures to optimize enterprise performance with cost-conscious approaches.

ERP’s solutions encompass Agile DevOps, open standards-based technology, cybersecurity solutions, cloud service, and data analytics that closely align with the mission of its customers. Integrating its high maturity capability in the DevOps environment, ERP delivers extraordinary results to its clients in terms of quick delivery to market for shelfware solutions. Regarding cybersecurity, ERP supports enterprise authenticating tools and performs security testing, credit, control penetration, and certification and accreditation.

Information is power and the ability to deliver decision-ready information is a value-based approach to the market

“Some of the other cybersecurity services that we provide include SOC operations and ATO (authority to operate), which is required by any vendor or technology to operate in the DoD or federal government environment,” explains Petty. To this end, ERP follows a rigorous process that is outlined by NIST and comprises six steps—categorizing the systems, selecting the security control in place, implementing the security controls, assessing the security controls, authorizing systems, and monitoring.

Regarding approach, ERP applies its high maturity capability in its standard operating and generic procedures as well as tailored procedures that deal with specific predictable models consisting of Performance Process baselines, Process Performance Models, and more.

The core of ERP’s competency can be largely credited to its pool of experts and high-performing individuals who possess requisite certifications such as CISSP, CISM, CEH, and CISA in the cybersecurity landscape. These highly qualified professionals and certified subject matter experts bring in-depth capabilities across a wide range of technical disciplines. The teams can successfully adapt to the client environment and in fielding them, ERP employs its proprietary “right-fit” methodology. Petty touches upon an instance where ERP moved one of its client’s cybersecurity balanced scorecard from green to blue, wherein blue stood for being exceptional. “Our clients have some of the highest-rated scorecards in all of the U.S. government,” remarks Petty.

Petty emphasizes the fact that ERP is all about tools, processes, technology, and, most important, its people, and as such the company constitutes the cornerstone of value-based solutions for the federal and defense community. “We will continue delivering the same and shall leave no stone unturned to assist our clients in the toughest of situations as a trusted advisor,” concludes Petty.

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Melvin Petty, CEO & Managing Partner

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