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Patrick Naoum, EVP-Strategy, Alliances and Client Solutions
In today’s increasingly complex IT environment, progressive organizations rely on multiple advanced technologies to manage all of their operations by integrating solutions in line with their business strategy. These organizations seek technology advisors and solution providers capable of working collaboratively as partners to unleash the full power of their systems. This is where Montreal-based ESI Technologies, which specializes in the architecture, design, deployment, and support of technological solutions, pitches in as a prime integrator of solutions. The company brings two decades of immense experience working with Cisco and offers cloud solutions and IT managed services to bridge the gap between technology and business. “We want the IT industry to serve better and adopt a business language to enable interaction with customers and our line of business counterparts,” says Patrick Naoum, EVP-Strategy, Alliances and Client Solutions, ESI.

ESI brings a deep understanding of customer needs around data center technologies, system security, and collaboration platforms. It combines the latest technology tools and products that allow its seasoned team of security experts to suggest and deploy a robust solution for customers. ESI’s highly available Tier III infrastructure for data center runs on Flexpod architecture. “It is the heart of the system,” states Naoum. It delivers services and solutions such as borderless network, collaboration, unified computing, and storage as well as data management. ESI’s sales and technical team work with Cisco’s team to manage, protect, and support customers in their business operations and provide real-time asset visibility. In partnership with Cisco, “We also offer Cisco cloud solutions such as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Backup as a Service (BaaS), and Storage as a Service (STaaS) to customers in a cost-effective manner,” says Roger Courchesne, Director of Security and Networking, ESI. To improve its services further, ESI coordinates with other storage providers and creates strong practices for designing and deploying data centers, and integrating storage and virtualization solutions.

Talking of trends, there are many technologies today that are gaining momentum and concurrently raising the concerns around analytics, IoT, and system security.
Roger Courchesne, Director of Security and Networking
“We have to find ways, not as a partner or vendor, but collectively for the industry to take the pain out of managing and taking control of these trends,” comments Naoum. On the brighter side, this presents an opportunity to ESI to attract partners, IT stakeholders, and new ventures to unite, brainstorm, and create solutions that make a difference.

In one instance, SFM Firm, which serves the live entertainment, media productions, and audio/visual industry, knocked on the doors of ESI looking for solutions around communication, security, and networks. To address the issues, ESI adopted a consultative approach; it started meeting the end-users of SFM’s technologies to identify the different requirements. Subsequently, using Cisco technology, the ESI team provided SFM with unified communication solutions, Wi-Fi network infrastructure, and a firewall system to secure the network.

We want the IT industry to serve better and adopt a business language to enable interaction with customers and our line of business counterparts

ESI has always been instrumental in addressing the challenges and business needs of its customers. Amid rapid innovations, the company aspires to continue investing in the latest technologies around application development and data analytics to help customers make strategic decisions and balance their reward, risk, and return on investment.

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Patrick Naoum, EVP-Strategy, Alliances and Client Solutions and Roger Courchesne, Director of Security and Networking

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