EtQ: Driving Quality Management through Comprehensive Data

Morgan Palmer, CTO
Back in 1992, a team with over two decades of experience in enterprise software applications and compliance management founded EtQ with a notion that quality management plays a key role in driving product acceptance and thus customer satisfaction. “With that notion in mind, we set out to create a flexible solution that would enable organizations to automate the critical processes related to quality management in a manner that meets their unique business needs,” says Morgan Palmer, CTO of EtQ. This resulted in EtQ’s Quality Management System (QMS) software, that enables organizations configure all of their processes, workflows, forms, fields and keywords—adding efficiency, visibility, and control to quality management initiatives. It puts the power of technology in the hands of the business user, who is the primary individual driving the quality initiatives.

The key concept of EtQ’s QMS software is that processes are interlinked and integrated from one system to the next. So, when there is a need to look at how a quality event moved through the QMS, the users can see the entire “story” – from event detection to event correction and onto improvement. This ability to integrate different business systems and push and pull data between them results in a “quality hub” – one that builds a centralized place for all data to converge and help define and view the full quality lifecycle.

EtQ also takes into account its customers’ drive to maintain compliance and regulatory requirements to enable them to focus on operational excellence initiatives, continual improvement initiatives, and building a broader, risk-based view on quality management’s impact on the enterprise. To this end, the company offers EtQ Reliance to meet Environmental Health and Safety, Food and Beverage and Life Science compliance needs. “EtQ Reliance allows customers to manage their Quality Management and EHS system on one, consolidated platform, providing a deeper level of compliance visibility and control that many organizations need,” remarks Palmer.

EtQ’s QMS solutions are tailored to companies of varying sizes, helping them drive the visibility and control of their quality management processes.

EtQ Reliance allows customers to manage their Quality Management and EHS system on one, consolidated platform, providing a deeper level of compliance visibility and control that many organizations need

While EtQ Reliance caters to large enterprises, EtQ’s Verse Solutions is a flexible and secure compliance management software for SMBs. For organizations wanting a basic level of a compliance tracking tool, EtQ provides Traqpath, a freemium app that makes it easy for users to conduct simple compliance tracking activities for events affecting their business.

One of its clients, a large consumer products company, faced difficulty with its quality management solution infrastructure as its several branches had more than 500 business systems for quality management that were operating in silos. As the company was struggling to get an end-to-end enterprise view of the quality management, EtQ implemented its EtQ Reliance. The solution helped the client gain a single, global view of quality and compliance information while reducing their business system’s footprint.

Going forward, the one single aspect that particularly interests EtQ is to build a broader scope to the quality management dynamic. This is why EtQ wants to expand its platform to encompass more data points to easily and effectively pull information from other business systems, for reporting, data entry and master data, enabling customers gain a larger picture of quality management. “Through this we are trying to bring more data into the quality management lifecycle, and building a broader view to gain greater visibility and control on all areas of the business as it relates to quality, EHS and compliance overall,” concludes Palmer.


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Morgan Palmer, CTO

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