eVisit: Maximize Revenue through Virtual Practice

Miles Romney, CTO
Our mission is to simplify healthcare delivery to everyone everywhere,” begins Miles Romney, CTO of eVisit. In the healthcare continuum today, oftentimes, patients do not get to see their primary care providers as their current workflows, processes, and resources cannot accommodate more patients. The fallout of this scenario being primary care providers stand to lose even the easiest cases, patients presenting symptoms of common ailments, to either urgent care or direct telemedicine solutions and a sizeable percentage of their revenue. “Unlike the other telemedicine companies, our state-of-the-art solution augments the existing healthcare infrastructure of hospitals, clinics, and doctors empowering healthcare providers to retain the relationship with existing patients and compete better with the many direct to consumer services cropping up,” elucidates Romney.

The primary care providers can offer the eVisit telemedicine solution staffed by their physician extenders and examine a large volume of patients. eVisit boosts the profitability of the primary care providers as each patient engagement can be wrapped up in under ten minutes, unlike traditional encounters, which require more resources and overhead. “Our solution replicates the exact experience that the patients, providers, payers, and regulators are used to,” remarks Romney.

Today, the company services over 40 specialties, large hospital systems and employers, and thousands of providers supporting many different clinical workflows. The suite of tools is highly configurable, interoperable, and extensible across the healthcare spectrum, integrating easily with a number of industry-leading EHR and other third-party tools facilitating automated communication and interoperability between systems. Romney also draws attention to the fact that their intuitive tools are beautifully crafted by a team comprising experts drawn from diverse fields like healthcare and entertainment.

The eVisit solution builds value around its patent pending video solution. The myriad of workflows, tools, the functionalities for enrollment intake, patient best match, data interoperability, streamlined medical charting, ePrescribe, post-treatment follow-up care, scheduling, and more form a significant part of the solution’s value-added offerings.

eVisit is not just a set of software tools but a success program that ensures strong clinical outcomes and patient engagements for each of our clients

“We also view eVisit as a growing de facto storage mechanism of patient health records and as a portability device in itself,” adds the CTO. For instance, when a patient is enrolled with a doctor on eVisit that has an EHR integration, the patient’s health history is imported from the EHR, and the data resides in the eVisit solution. If a patient requests a visit with a different provider within their virtual practice, the patient is able to authorize the sharing of the health history with that new doctor, which in turn streamlines the communication of the patient’s health records from one department to another.

The company places utmost importance on patient data security and has created an individual protected health information store, eVault for every patient, which has its own set of encryption keys for foolproof security. The HIPAA-compliant solution also follows a double layer access control system for access to patient records.

Romney explains an interesting use case where a pharmaceutical company adopts a lifetime approach when a patient visits their website and orders drugs. Following the ordering process, the patient is routed to the pharmaceutical company’s eVisit portal, where their doctor talks to the patient and verifies whether the medication is necessary and if found suitable, the drugs are delivered or the order stands canceled.

eVisit’s short-term plans include building cutting-edge tools that leverage artificial intelligence and computer-assisted diagnosis for proactive care that will help in maintaining relationships between patients and their existing local healthcare providers. “eVisit is not just a set of software tools but a success program that delivers strong clinical outcomes and patient engagements for each of our clients,” concludes Romney.


Mesa, AZ

Miles Romney, CTO

eVisit enables healthcare providers to drive revenue and boost patient satisfaction through its HIPAA-compliant telehealth platform