evolve24: Predictive Analytics that Drive Strategic Decision-Making

Anthony Sardella, CEO
Any CIO will agree that the biggest challenge they are facing in the data analytics landscape is the need to capture and process what appears to be endless amounts of unstructured data, analyze it, and deliver actionable intelligence that positively impacts the strategic direction of the company. In fact, over the last decade, every aspect of a business has become more analytical and analysis-based that reveals lagging indicators. Today, companies need predictive analytics that are able to give insight into future outcomes, events, and behaviors, with rapidly advancing technology adoption.

Anthony Sardella, CEO of evolve24, noticed early on that there was a missing piece to the analytics puzzle—the analysis of reputation risks. With this as their key driver, evolve24 has drawn on the vast discipline of neuroscience to create a constellation of analytics that quantify qualitative behavioral drivers. As Sardella says, “We transform unstructured data into that actionable intelligence through neuro, behavioral, and data sciences, and an innovative, proprietary suite of advanced analytics.”

evolve24 has been in operation since 2004 and has revolutionized the predictive analytics space. The company provides real-time lifecycle intelligence and emotional intelligence around global and regional market topics, industry topics, threats and issues, and business brands. Their Evolution platform integrates their comprehensive external dataset, which is derived from social and traditional forms of media, with the internal dataset of their clients to deliver real-time predictive analytics that can show causality, highlight trends, and be used for future casting. The platform and analysis removes uncertainty from key business decisions by transforming trends into actionable strategies.

With increasing competition, there is no doubt that the predictive analytics space is crowded. evolve24 sets itself apart from the competition by aligning their solution to their partner’s strategic needs. They tailor the Evolution platform to ensure their customers can apply the analytics to their unique business environment. “Evolution allows our partners to manage ‘the chasm’ or the gap between early adoption and rapid adoption and growth.

We transform unstructured data into that actionable intelligence through neuro, behavioral, and data sciences, and an innovative, proprietary suite of advanced analytics

We are positioned to provide unique value by predicting a respective lifecycle using our proprietary algorithms,” Sardella notes.

In one such instances, a major national supplier of loyalty and rewards programs approached evolve24 as they were facing dwindling customer subscriptions and declining program inventory turn. The firm needed to know which “loyalty currency” would be adopted next, and when, in order to make strategic investments. Traditional models for predicting technology adoption were not statistically validated and lacked leading indicators that could be leveraged ahead of critical changes, where missing critical changes by even one month could result in millions of lost opportunity.

Using the evolve24 Evolution platform, the client can now monitor each leading indicator and all influential stakeholders in real-time. The leading indicators provide a four-week lead time to changes in consumer behavior. These critical lead times allow the client to make operational and strategic business decisions and maximize their return on investment.

Technology is advancing at an ever-increasing pace. evolve24 plans to stay at the forefront of this advancement. Their proprietary, Software-as-a- Service solution allows them to look for disruptions in all sectors of a society and analyze those disruptors to help companies strategically address the impact. They are constantly innovating and advancing their technology to keep up with the demands of a data-driven world and the trends that drive the data.


St. Louis, MO

Anthony Sardella, CEO

Delivering a fully integrated data-driven intelligence system that uses advanced analytics to inform business decisions